Natural Ways Of Treating A Cold

Treating A  Cold naturally There is hardly anyone in the world who has not been afflicted by the dreaded cold virus. These small organisms are floating in the air by the dozens. The common cold is indeed very common and is one of the major reasons for people missing work.

While a mild cold is not harmful, it can be very restrictive and uncomfortable. Excessive coughing, sneezing and fever can take a toll on you. Since there are several strains of the virus, no permanent cure has been found for the common cold. The only remedy is alleviating the symptoms. Let us see how we can best tackle a cold naturally.

Natural Ways Of Treating A  Cold

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has powerful immunity boosting properties and protects the body against a host of diseases especially a cold. Some people are very prone to catching a cold with a change in season.

It is wise to take a course of vitamin C supplements as soon as the season begins to change. This will go a long way in giving protection against a cold. You can also take a vitamin C diet like lime, Indian gooseberry and sweet lime.

Protect Yourself from Exposure

Stay away from sick people in the flu season. Cold is normally spread by contact and air. Dress warmly and always wash your hands a soon as you come back home from outside. Try to minimize contact with people who have a cold or a cough as the germs can easily be transmitted through sneezing.

Although there is no scientific and logical explanation to it, it is said that minimizing your intake of spicy and cold foods can also reduce your chances of catching a cold.

Warm Water Gargles

If you are about to catch a cold or can feel a cold coming on, start warm water saline gargles. This gives immediate relief against an itchy and sore throat.

Ways Of Treating A  Cold

A cold normally starts with an itchy throat so by treating these symptoms, you can get immediate relief. Doing warm water gargles as a precautionary measure can also prevent you from catching a cold.

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A blocked nose can be easily treated by doing steam inhalation. Infuse the water with one or two drops of eucalyptus oil which is excellent for clearing up a blocked nose. Do steam inhalation at least 3-4 times a day to clear nasal congestion.

Drink fluids

It is important to drink warm fluids if you are suffering from a cold. Drink hot soups and ginger tea, which is very soothing on the throat. Eat hot and healthy foods. If you are running fever, take an OTC fever medication.


Sometimes exercising in fresh air is one of the best treatments for a cold especially if you have been feeling down for some time.  Just wear warm clothes and head out for a leisurely walk. The fresh air will clear up your nasal congestion.

Colds are best treated naturally, as they remain largely unresponsive to medication. A common cold takes at least a week to subside, so it is better to take relief from the above remedies while you are suffering from one.

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