Natural Ways To Overcome Depression In Men

Natural Ways To Overcome Depression In Men Depression in men is a very common phenomenon that occurs due to several reasons. One many think that men are so strong mentally and physically then why do they face such a “shrink” in life? Well, human beings be it men or women have many desires some absolutely out of their reach.

These desires arise due to many factors like competition in the work field, pressure to be nothing but the best or comparing yourself to a richer friend of yours. If he has bought a BMW you also strive to buy it. If your friend’s child got into a good and expensive school you would also want your child to get the admission in the very same school.

This constant comparison or the desire to be a part of a cut throat competition may take a toll on man’s mental and physical health. When he faces such a low phase in life we call it Depression or being depressed or low in life.

Depression brings along with it the whole jing bang of low self confidence, anxiety and the feeling to do nothing at all. It is quite a sorry state to be in. this time in life is a very trying times where without the support of friends and family one may not be able to rise up from the ashes.

Depression is not a health condition, it is a state of mind where one feels hopelessness, dejection and worthless. Again, there can be hundreds of reasons like the above mentioned examples. Every man has its limitation to perform. Not every man becomes Bill Gates and not every man can succeed in achieving what he aims for. Failing to do so can cause feeling of depression.

Causes Of Depression In Men

Biological Factors

Many men suffer from chronic health problems like diabetes or heart ailments. These health conditions have adverse effects on their mind and body. Once a man is incapable of working like he used to or eat or lead a normal life like before, he automatically goes into the depression mode.

Men do not like to be dependant on anyone. Therefore once they start to feel worthless about themselves it becomes difficult to bring back the “passion” to live again. Illnesses and medications cause, any hormonal changes leading to mood swings, staying quiet, less interaction with the family and detachment.

Social Factors

As mentioned above, men and women want nothing but a perfect life for them and their family. There is so much competition around that it really makes them work more than what they can put in and god forbid if they fail to meet their goals, they are shattered and hit the bottom or “ feel depressed”.

Men generally are the ones who support the family, give money to run the house, children’s school fees and miscellaneous expenditures. What if they are not able to fulfill these basic requirements of life? Obviously you feel sad, dejected and depressed. Many errands can also bog you down with bad health and misery.

Home Remedies For Treating Depression In Men

Yoga And Meditation For Treating Depression In Men

It is always better to resort to natural ways for curing any type of health problems. Ayurveda is a gift of our ancestors. It’s been in use since thousands of years ago.

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There were no anti-depressants and medication in those centuries, therefore our great grandfathers came up with natural remedies such as Yoga and Meditation to treat Depression in men and women. Everybody now is fully aware of the benefits of Yoga.

There are many Asana that help to relax your mind and body. Enroll yourself in yoga classes and feel the difference in your thought process and behavior. Meditation as well helps you cleanse your body from the ill thoughts and stress making you live a life full of positive energy and happiness.

Opt For Music Therapy

How many of you feel refreshed once you hear one of your favorite tracks? Yes, this is the most common natural way to relieve from stress. Simply play a nice soothing track to your ears and mind and feel rejuvenated.

Many spas play therapeutic music with chimes and bells simply because it tends to sooth the nerves of mind and body. Music therapy is a separate field that focuses on improving once moods to feel elevated and happy from a sad phase.

Massage Is A Very Good Healer

Who minds a relaxing massage in a spa or at home? Few strokes of healing hands work wonders by stimulating the nerves. It relaxes the mind and the tiring body. Use aromatic or ayurvedic oil to release stress from the body. It cures body aches and headaches. A dip in a relaxing bubble bath with fragrance of rose water and jasmine calms the mind totally.

Go For A Power Walk

Morning walks or in the evening does a great job in keeping your mind fresh. Staying in the open and amidst fresh air broaden your horizon in terms of thinking. Depression sort of shuts the windows of thinking about creative ideas or “exit plans” to solve problems. Walking in a park with birds chirping and cool breeze brushing your face does an excellent job in revitalizing your mind and soul.

Maintain A Balanced Diet

Depression many cause loss of appetite but it becomes important to replenish you body systems with healthy diet by including fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Eat what makes you happy. Sometimes having your favorite cuisine can light up the mood and relax you. Consult a doctor if you losing weight drastically.

Share You Feelings

It is true that by sharing your worries one tends to feel light in the heart and mind. Depression many cause venting up of feelings but that becomes really harmful in the process of treating Depression naturally. What is ideal is that you tell or express your problems to your closed one. You wife can really be a great support system. A close best friend can also come to your rescue. Follow the above mentioned natural ways to come back to life again!

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