Natural Ways To Prevent Acne

Prevent Acne Acne is one of the most common skin problems with many teenagers and even adults. Acne in its most simple form happens due to excessive oil secretion in the hair follicles present on the skin. Acne may come out on the face, back, chest and may be from mild to severe in intensity.

Acne may also be referred to as blackheads or whiteheads as the case may be and these are formed due to the skin pores getting blocked with oil deposits. Acne may also appear in the form of pimples and cysts that become tough with time.

The way a big portion of the general population gets bothered with acne has brought out several remedial measures and medicines. When acne goes out of control and gets severe you need to take proper medical attention.

Formation of acne is triggered through a variety of reasons and a complex process follows which results into various kinds of acne manifestations at different stages. The highest frequency of acne being during puberty among males is elicited mainly because of increased levels of oil secretion from the hair follicles in skin due to male hormones.

The skin pores may get blocked and begin to enlarge eventually leading to the formation of a bump. Increased oil deposits make the enlarged hair follicle to rip apart hence allowing foreign pollutants and bacteria to enter into the skin pores.

This furthers the problem by leading to pustules, pimples or in severe cases formation of deep rooted stubborn pimples that are cysts. White heads or black heads form respectively depending upon whether the oil may float up or may collect melanin.

Facts About Acne

Few things must be understood about acne so that prevention and treatment becomes easier and accurate. Acne may happen to anybody at any time and it doesn’t depend exactly on heredity. Acne is a purely internal function which is manifested overtly and sometimes hormonal imbalances may also accelerate the situation.

Kind of food consumed may have little or no influence over acne other than if you are allergic to certain types of food. But healthy diet is always recommended for a healthy body and mind. Acne is not the result of poor hygiene or excessive perspiration. Acne actually depends on how your skin reacts and the amount of external dirt, grime and bacteria travels through the ruptured pores.

However, there are certain conditions that may predispose you to acne such as jobs requiring exposure to oily substances, some kinds of make up items or certain medicines.

Medical Interventions For Acne

The most common reaction to acne is to get treatment when the situation gets worse and there remains no other choice than taking medicines to combat the situation. But medical interventions may give immediate relief yet the relief is not a permanent one. Medicines also bring with them certain side effects and as a result while combating acne through medicines you may be faced with some other discomforting problems as well.

Acne treatment cream and medicines are widely used but many of us face skin discomforts like redness, itching, stinging, inflammation etc. Sometimes the side effects can get worse to the extent of becoming quite severe reactions like breathing trouble, chest tightness and rashes and so on. Immediate medical attention should be taken if any of these symptoms occur. You must also stop consuming the medicine or using the cream instantly.

Ways To Prevent Acne

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Certain medicines like Accutane which are taken orally to fight acne may cause fatigue, depression, change in body weight, mood swings, problems in liver functions, sexual problems, skin pigmentation, headaches, tumors, discoloration of teeth, behavioral problems, body cramps, visual problems, dryness of eyes and many more.

So we can understand how glaring acne medical intervention may become. But acne requires treatment especially in severe cases. But don’t worry as there are several effective alternative ways to combat acne other than medicines and creams.

Prevent And Treat Acne Naturally

As we know that prevention is better than cure we must take ample care that a problematic situation doesn’t occur at all so that there arises no reason to cure the same.

To prevent acne naturally you have to keep few things in mind. You have to understand how acne is caused and therefore take effective measures to minimize the acne causing agents from your lifestyle.

If you understand prevention of acne as three simple steps; to ensure that hair follicles and skin pores remain unclogged, to keep the skin bacteria free and free from excess oil secretion. These are three essential things to be checked to ensure prevention of acne.

We often come across recommendations asking us to make positive lifestyle modifications and take healthy diet to prevent acne and also stay fit and healthy naturally. There is no doubt about this fact yet practically speaking it may not be possible for most of us to religiously follow a very healthy lifestyle always.

Thus few essential tips must be followed like never ever to break open the pores by picking on them thereby intentionally allowing dirt and bacteria to flow in. This will not only prevent acne but also avert the possibilities of skin scarring.

It is also recommended that you do your best to keep your skin free from bacteria and excess oil. Exfoliation and using antibacterial cleansers can keep the skin healthy to a considerable extent.

Use products containing benzoyl peroxide which is effective in drawing out excess oil from skin. Wash your face especially when you return home from outdoors and use mild soaps containing sulfur.

Ensure to properly cleanse make up before going to bed. Drinking good amount of water is always good for the skin and body as it eliminates toxins out of our system. Regular exercise and yoga are good methods to improve overall blood circulation and therefore ensuring better skin.

Try to find if you are allergic to certain foods that may trigger the acne reaction and avoid those particular foods. Keep your hair well in order so that dandruff and dead skin doesn’t get on your face. Consume foods that contain beta carotene like carrots and tomatoes.

Foods like mushroom have chromium and pine nuts and wheat have zinc all of which are very healthy for the skin and keeps it clean and clear. Consuming papaya and applying it on the skin after mashing it serves the dual purposes of natural acne preventive medicine and cream. Keep yourself as much as possible stress free and stay happy with acne free skin.

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