Nava Tempo Libero Watch Review

If you are looking for an elegant, stylish and a classy watch, then the Nava Tempo Libero Watch is an attractive grab. It not only denotes a style statement but exudes an aura of distinctiveness along with exclusivity; you may ask “what’s so unique about it?”
This watch is an outcome of the creative talent of its maker Denis Guidone.

Its design is appalling and extremely attractive. First look at the watch and you will be flabbergasted to see the uniqueness of its mechanism.

Nava Tempo Libero Watch

The simple yet elite taste that goes in the making of Nava Tempo Libero will leave you completely bowled over it. Given below is a short guide to help you find as to why it is a must add, in your collection.

Nava Tempo Liberal Watch Features

This watch has an unconventional method of telling the analog time. The Nava Tempo Libero Watch designed by Denis Guidone, for the Milanese Nava Design of Italy; is an example for art lovers, where imagination is combined with irony.

The way Nava Tempo Libero watch is designed, it not only draws an onlookers attention but arouses a sense of curiosity too. This is done by incorporating details which kind of reflect irony for a time telling devise.

Nava Tempo Libero Watch review

The design is minimalist and clear of ornamentation. The white hour hand in Nava Tempo Libero remains on the familiar axis of a watch while the red minute hand is taken off center.

This hand spins geometric shapes across the serene black face. The Nava Tempo Libero watch is eccentric, off beat, and a pleasure to wear by people who’d like to attract glances.

Distinguishing Features of Nava Tempo Liberal Watch

It is a unique watch that experiments with time and is a feat for the design lovers. The time reading is very unconventional though the design is simple. This watch does not have the conventional display.

Nava Tempo Libero Watch price

It is different. The red minute hand has been decentralized giving the watch unfamiliar graphical configurations. As time passes, the clock draws geometrical shapes that keep changing continuously. Nava Tempo Libero watch is available at $180.


The Nava Tempo Liberal Watch has a 42 mm case of stainless steel. It has a leather strap which is black in color. It is battery operated and is resistant to water. Watches that are stylish are usually expensive. But when you come across a watch that can stand out in a crowd without paying a fortune; euphoria is sure to grip you.

You will feel good when you set your eyes on the Nava tempo liberal Watch. When you see it, you will be bewildered as to how you will see the time with such an unconventional watch.

Denis Guidone’s creativity is evident in this watch. Nevertheless this black watch is not difficult to read. The decentralization of the minute hand is a unique feature. It is in rotation with the hour hand.

Every watch lover is sure to be fascinated with this watch. The design is exemplary and can catch the imagination of many. This watch has carved a niche for itself in the world of timepieces.