New 2015 Ferrari 488GTB Super Car Review And Price

Ferrari 488GTB Super Car, A Review

Sports cars have become some kind of obsession for speed hungry male generation. Keeping this in mind the famous car manufacturers of the world are producing brand new version of sports car with attractive and modified features every year. The car manufacturing company Ferrari is not far behind. In a most recent international car show that took place in Shanghai Ferrari introduced brand new Ferrari 488GTB the super car for next generation.

Different Features And Specification Of The Car

While building this car Ferrari has kept a simple rule in mind. The rule is to provide maximum speed and mileage from a mid level engine.That is why this new 488GTB (GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta) has a twin turbo charged V8 engine with 660 to 661horsepower. With this HP the engine produces 800rpm and 560 pound-feet of torque at 3000rpm. All these are coming at a low consumption of fuel that is only 3.9 liters.


Besides with these features the car can ramp its speed easily from 62 mph to more than 200 mph in just 3 seconds.Moreover this new 488GTB is also provided with modified version of carbon ceramic brakes, state of the art 7speed F1gear system with automatic dual clutch.Additionally there is disc that measures 399mm at the front and 360mm at the rear. The 5 spoke wheels made up of ally also measure 245/35 front and 305/30 rear.All these features and specifications are improvement upon the Ferrari 458 model that came previously.

Different features and specification of the car
Exterior And Interior Design Of The Car

The new Ferrari 488GTB super car comes with a great attractive body and sleek look. It is designed in such a way that reduces the aerodynamic drag by increasing the downforce by 50%. Besides a new introduction in the form of blown spoiler that is placed in the rear decklid and bumper hepls to increase downforce also. Twin vents on the bonnet helps to reduce air pressure that develops in the car and a double spitter fan installed at the front also helps in cooling the engine.

Exterior of the car
Not only on the body the underbody of the car is also designed and supplied with components that reduce aerodynamic drag and increase downforce. Components like vortex generators placed in underbody and variable flaps help the car to increse its downforce.The inside or interior of the new Ferrari 488GTB follows the classic Ferrari cockpit norm. The steering wheel is provided with multi function. Besides there are facilities like plush bucket seat and bridge between control switch. There is separation between dashboard and tunnel as usual. A brand new feature that is added here comes in the form of key less start system.

Interior of the car

The new Ferrari 488GTB also provides SSC2 or Slide Slip Control2 that helps the driver by providing great longitudinal acceleration from corner.

Price Of The Car

The new Ferrari 488GTB is introduced very recently. That is why the price is not specified yet. Still experts are doing a speculation that the price tag may hover around $243,000 that is the price of the previous model of Ferrari 458.

Price of the car

So if you are a car freak, love to buy new sports car that comes in the market then keep an eye on this brand new one. It is a must buy for you.