New 2015 Nissan GTR Sports Car Review And Price

2015 Nissan GTR Sports Car

While the market is being flooded with attractive sports car from Italian, German, american car manufacturers could a tech giant like japan can remain far behind? Nissan the renowned car manufacturer from Japan has their answer in the Nissan GT-R series. The new 2015 GT-R from Nissan is the latest offering in the series. Experts are saying that this new car is a much improved version than the previous GT-R released.

Engine And Other Specification Of The Car

This new Nissan GT-R has twin-turbo charged 3.8 liter 24-valve V6 engine with 545 horsepower that produces a torque of 463 lb feet at 3200 rpm. Together with this specification and all wheel drive drivetrain and dual clutch 6 speed trnsmission system this car from Nissan can accelerate easily from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 secs. The top speed of the car is 191 mph. With a mid level superchrged engine the speed and acceleration this car produces is quite incredible and that is what can be expected from Nissan. The fuel consumption is also no less than remarkable. The city and highway fuel consumption of Nissan GT-R are 16 miles per gallon or mpg and 23 mpg respectively.


Exterior And Interior Of The Car

While every sports car manufacturer of today is providing a retrofuturistic look to its sports car can Nissan lag behind? Nissan has also provided a cutting edge state of art attractive look to its new GT-R model. There are premium, gold and black editions etc available in various colors. The remarkable thing about the exterior of the new Nissan GT-R is the array of LED lighting fixtures all over its body. Good LED lights provide day time illumination even when head lights are off. Besides body mounted rear spoiler provides good aero dynamic support to the car. The overall length, height and width of this new car are 183.9 inches, 53.9 inches and 74.6 inches respectively. The wheelbase of the car is 109.4 inches.

The new Nissan GT-R is a two door four seater car that has black, red sometime cream as interior theme color. Whatever the color is the company Nissan has wrapped all the seats, steering wheel and other components in that particular leather made from latest state of the art materials. The dash board and the control panel are designed with carbon-fiber as well as charcoal brushed metal.The other attractive features of Nissan GT-R are a voice recognized touch screen navigation system with high resolution screen, rear view video display with monitor, push button system to put the car in ignition, a hands free phone with Bluetooth, Bose audio system with 11 speakers etc. With infotainment system Nissan has also given priority to the safety of the driver and passengers alike. Specially built and modified air bags mounted on front, side and roof, seat belts, Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS and individual tire pressure display provide maximum safety while driving this new Nissan.


The Price Of The Car

Nissan is selling the car at a price of $101,770.

If you are a fan of Nissan car then this new Nissan GT-R is a must own car for you.