Nikon Coolpix P7700 Digital Camera Review

Nikon is one of the biggest and most competitive camera manufacturers in the industry at this moment. This brand is loved by many camera enthusiasts and professionals. This year itself, Nikon has been seen actively replacing many of the P series cameras with their successor versions. P7700 is a model that has been on people’s mind for long and that wait is finally over now. P7700 is power packed with feature that were taken as “cons” in other P series products and also some of the sheer innovative and captivating ones.

The intention of Nikon is remarkably clear with the launch of P7700. It targets the audience who are semipro and stay away from DSLR camera for monetary, weight, size related reasons etc. P7700 is a perfect example of a better change with times and technology, as well. It blends the best of both worlds, and at the end, it is the consumer who benefits. A pat on brand Nikon’s back for thinking about consumers. An array of improvements seen in P7700 in comparison to previous models are mentioned below.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 Digital Camera

Some of those are superior quality of lens – not that the previous ones were bad, this one is much better than the rest, the display screen is fixed and not titling. Many do not seek pleasure in viewing clicked pictures in camera let alone viewing it titled! The true quality and stereo sound, thanks to HD video 1080p is so refreshing. Also, redesigning of the camera body is another novel attempt coupled with improved performance that places it above its fellow P series members.

Features Of Nikon Coolpix P7700


The Nikon Coolpix P7700’s body design clearly shows improvement in the same department. The design is mostly rounded as we see in Nikon’s 1 series. It has a light weight (approx. 390 gms with batteries included), highly durable magnesium alloy body, and intelligent positioning of the operating buttons. These buttons are kept at apt distances so that the crowded look is avoided. The display on the rear is fixed and looks just right.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 Digital Camera

The front boosts of a 7.1 x zoom lens that can capture up to 28-200 mm (35 equivalent) with f/2.0-4 wide aperture range. This also implies that Nikon still has the longest zoom in this price range!


With 28-200mm wide lens, f2-4 aperture and 7.1x zoom, it’s going to be tough for competitors to beat this model. Camera is dead without a lens, and for this camera,lens is the most exclusive part. This camera pushes the potential of the lens to its limits and delivers greater performance. The quality of photographs that you would take would be sensational, stupefying and utterly breathtaking. The lens is swift and functions on consistent quality in various scenarios. The lens comes with auto vibration reduction technology. This powerful lens provides amazing sharpness and vividness to the photographs.


Nikon has taken the sensor selection to a bolder level by adopting to a large 1/1.7-in 12.2-megapixel backside illumination (BSI) CMOS sensor. This sensor aligns to the expectations out of the camera and how! It is capable of reproducing the colour and has abundant color tone range. Not to mention, this also enables P 7700 to take 1080p HD videos and have OVF (optical view finder) which was lacking in the older version P 7100.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 price

This does not slow down or impede the performance of the camera, in fact the camera retains the 8 FPS (frames per second) speed to capture moving objects and maintains the precision of the moments captured. The autofocus is instantaneous which is another feather in P7700’s cap.


Coolpix P 7700 is capable of RAW (.NRAW) shooting mode; this mode helps capture and edit uncompressed images thereby not compromising on the quality of the image. Burst mode option comprise of 3 different combination of FPS depending on your requirement. There are a host of in-camera controls for you to explore and edit.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 review

Coolpix P 7700 also offers a pool of predefined 19 modes of shooting. The auto mode for choosing a scenario works as expected too. You can do more with your photos by adding a touch of your creativity like Nostalgic Sepia, Painting, and Sketch etc. These modes help bring out more out of the stills that you capture.

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Other Specifications

The rear display is a neat 3 inch width. 921,000 dot resolution which gives a clear idea of what is being pointed and shot. The operational menu and buttons ensure that the navigation of the menu is fluent and comforting. P7700 also supports Eye-Fi x2 for wireless transmission of images.

Nikon Coolpix P7700 features

The flash is powerful and takes stunning snaps, even at a rational distance and, last but not the least, Nikon promises the battery to have 330 snaps battery life.

Price & Availability Of Nikon Coolpix P7700

The camera is available for grabs starting $ 499 as the base price.


Nikon has finally given the consumer a point to shoot camera that gives real value and stands up to DLSR camera, in terms of quality in, almost all sections. In simple words, P7700 is a camera that loves you back, in terms of performance and cost. It easily is a jolly good investment to make in your photography budget. There will not be a single moment, where you will feel disappointed with the photography this ultra modern camera delivers or the money you spent this to hang it around your neck.

P7700 easily leads the list of point and shoot camera to the level of superiority with top level performance, compact sizing, lighter weight and the rare flexibility of going pro and staying amateur at the same time. Still photography or 1080p HD recording with stereo sound, the creative liberty, is in your total control with this high performance photography gear. It is also highly competitive to the other similar products available in the market and is compatible with most of the lens and accessories available today.

It is here to capture the market, and with the speed that the sales are ongoing, I am sure that it is going to succeed! To me, Nikon has finally answered many requests and changes that held P7100 to ransom; P7700 is loaded and ready to roll.