Nokia 808 PureView Camera Comparison

Nokia 808 PureView gave a new direction to the way makers design mobile cameras. Comparing the grand and hitherto unknown 41MP camera of Nokia 808 PureView with that of its rivals would be injustice.

This is simply because Nokia 808 PureView renders output similar to the one rendered by standalone cameras. However, people often argue that cameras of iPhone 4S and Galaxy SIII perform in a similar manner to Nokia 808 PureView. Here is a comprehensive comparison of Nokia 808 PureView camera with that of its rivals in the market.

Nokia 808 PureView Camera Comparison

Outdoor Shots

But for the 41MP resolution factor on Nokia 808 PureView it outraces other camera phones in other functions.  Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII, Nokia N8, Sony Xperia S, iPhone 4S and LG Optimus 4X HD capture the same detail in images. However, Nokia N8 and 808 PureView outperform the others in having big sensors. 808 PureView uses the power of 41MP sensor to merge several pixels into one (oversampling).

Nokia 808 PureView Camera

Due to the oversampling feature, 808 PureView reduces noise to minimum and offers greater amount of detail even under shadows. 808 PureView makes pictures look softer and cleaner because of the absence of sharpening. Nokia Lumia 920, on the other hand, performs better than 808 PureView while capturing running subjects. This is simply because Lumia 920 features amazing image stabilization feature. Nokia N8 stands second in line in terms of detail though not noise-free output.

This is because the N8 has a smaller sensor than that of 808 PureView. Image detail of other cameras is pretty much similar with both Sony Xperia S and HTC One X accounting for excessive sharpness. However, Xperia S scores the third highest by offering output in higher resolution.

While Galaxy SII accounts for greater exposure, Galaxy SIII renders overexposed images with even lesser detail. On the other hand, LG Optimus 4X HD smears detail and suppresses too much noise. HTC One X comes last with the least detail and greater noise in images.

Indoor Shots

It is a fact that none other than 808 PureView can render high-quality images under low-light conditions. Even without the Xenon flash on, the 808 PureView renders sharp images under limited lighting conditions. Unless the camera is set to extremely high ISO settings, it would not render any noise. 808 PureView excels in the department of exposure and white balance too.

Indoor Shots

Nokia N8 comes close to 808 PureView in terms of indoor shots – thanks to its high-end Xenon flash and big sensor. However, N8 does not produce as accurate colors as the 808 PureView does. The recently released Nokia Lumia 920 crunches detail under low-light conditions because of the smaller sensor size. Xperia S comes third in this criteria test for rendering accurate white balance effect.

It is followed by Galaxy SII with lesser detail and color accuracy. iPhone 4S comes fourth for producing greater noise and deviating a bit more from real colors. Since Optimus 4X HD produces blurred images due to extreme noise reduction, it comes last in this list.

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Macro Shooting

In terms of close-up shots, all the camera phones perform in the same manner. However, this is one criterion where 808 PureView does not outperform other camera phones. 808 PureView fails to focus properly under macro mode because of the size as well as nature of its lens.

Macro Shooting

For the best output, the 808 PureView camera must be placed at least 8 to 10 inches away from the subject. However, users can make use of lossless zoom feature and bring the subject a bit closer. On the other hand, Lumia 920 zooms closer with the aid of the ‘lens’ apps supported by Windows Phone 8. In this department too, HTC One X turns out to be the worst performer with trouble in focus under dedicated macro mode.


All the phones mentioned above can capture 1080p videos at 30fps, except for Nokia N8. 808 PureView is again in advantage because of its large 41MP sensor and oversampling feature. Both these attributes help the 808 PureView capture great detail in videos. 808 PureView can zoom upto 4 times the original video in 1080p mode and upto 6 times of it in 720p mode.

Maximum zoom level also renders the cleanest output possible. Nevertheless, 808 PureView suffers from some drawbacks such as inability to lock closer subjects and skipped frame. Nokia Lumia 920, however, renders better output because of greater image stabilization. The latest iPhone 5 also performs well in recording videos because of faster processor, low-light improvement and greater image stabilization. iPhone 4S and Galaxy SIII follow closely for a tie in terms of video recording.

While Galaxy SIII records little overexposed yet 1080p videos, iPhone 4S produces slightly oversaturated 1080p videos. Too much oversaturation and skipped frames in Xperia S is compensated by sharp footage. Galaxy SII produces colder colors though very fluid videos. Even though Nokia N8 cannot produce 1080p videos due to hardware issues, it produces smooth, detailed and crisp 720p videos.

HTC One X finds it troubling to focus even after too many retakes. Optimus 4X HD produces videos similar to those of One X but with a little greater detail.

Color Representation

It is interesting to note that people demand smartphones that increase the contrast and overstaurate colors. So, a comparison in that context can be made between the following – Nokia N8, Galaxy SII and 808 PureView. While the N8 produces colder colors than the actual, Galaxy SII minimizes the color saturation a little. It is only the 808 PureView that represents the true colors of the object.


As has already been mentioned that 808 PureView camera should be compared to an SLR or DSLR, 808 PureView undoubtedly emerges as the winner in this race. If it were not for macro shooting, 808 PureView would have been honored with the title of the ‘best camera phone’ though there is no doubt that people who like to click images will always go for it.

Next in the line comes Nokia N8 and is closely followed by iPhone 4S and both Galaxy SIII and SII. In terms of detail, however, Galaxy SII outperforms Galaxy SIII. HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD turn out to be worst performers as far as their camera capability is concerned.