NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit Watch Review

NOMOS is a newcomer in the watch making arena. This German company was established in 1990 in Glashutte, the main watch making city in Germany, and launched its first watch only in 1992.

But that was enough for the company to roll and today it is known by its minimalist design and its small sized cases. Even the 39.9 mm case of the new series called Zurich, which NOMOS claims to be large and masculine, can be called average sized compared to the other brands in the market.

The Zurich has been targeted at a new band of customers, the young men who do not want to look gaudy yet go for the old styled watches at prices far lesser than the costliest few. NOMOS Zurich is the perfect watch for their taste.

NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit

The form of the case is delicate and generous playing with simple shapes. The simple round, stainless steel case in itself is a fine example of this simplistic design. The company introduces the watch as a true tribute to the city of Zurich, artful in its turns and stunning in its reflections.

The aim of the company was to present a watch that would enclose its complexity within a simple appearance. And it is successful in that as there are brands which are literally simpler than this NOMOS. There are variations but of all the NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit, with its world timer, is bound to appeal the target customers.

nomos zürich weltzeit review

The pusher which changes the time zones is placed at 2 o’clock on the case and it breaks the otherwise symmetrical design. The world timer dial features all the 24 time zones. With a push of the knob, the city disc and the hands together will show the time of the destination city. The small disc located at 3 o’clock is for the home time marked Heimat and it will always show the home time.

The seconds are shown in a sub-dial located at 6 o’clock. However, this is not what makes the NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit special as this feature is available in many other watches. But the fact that NOMOS keeps the price low for this technology is what makes it unique.

nomos zürich weltzeit

Technically the movement of the Zurich Weltzeit is controlled by 26 rubies and the watch can reserve power for nothing less than 42 hours. The automatic winding mechanism along with world time indicator complements a host of mechanism that make up the watch.

A regulator for fine adjustment that can be adjusted in six positions; a balance spring manufactured out of Nivarox 1A; Incablock shock protection device and rhodium plated movement surfaces are some of the many features that lie beneath the apparently simplistic design.

nomos zürich weltzeit

Finally, the question of durability of NOMOS Zurich. Since the company is new on the block and ten years is nothing compared to the big names that have been around for more than a century and in some cases even more, reliability is something that people might frown upon. But German technology can be relied upon as they leave nothing to chance and do not stop until they are satisfied. So like the German cars, the watches too can be relied upon and hopefully, even after half a century, you can still wear a NOMOS.