Non Surgical Treatments For Hair Growth

Non Surgical Treatments For Hair Growth Hair loss is a very common problem among both men and women. Most people face the problem of hair loss at different stages in their lives and due to different reasons.

While many people opt for surgical treatments to replace the hair that they have lost or are losing, it is always better to go for non surgical treatments. Non surgical treatments are less expensive and there are also many options for hair growth when it comes to these methods.

Non Surgical Hair Growth Treatments

There are several kinds of treatments that will enhance and encourage the growth of hair on your head in case you have suffered from hair loss. The following points will tell you about non surgical treatments for hair growth and their advantage over surgical methods.

Herbal Medicines

One of the most popular methods of non surgical treatments for hair growth involves the use of herbal medicines. These medicines increase the growth of hair on your head and thus help you to deal with hair loss effectively. These medicines are made from natural herbal products and therefore there are no side effects of using them.

The biggest difference between herbal medicines and clinical medicines is the fact that herbal medicines may take a longer time to work. Hence you will have to be prepared to be patient while you take these medicines because the results may take time to show.

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Stimulating your Scalp

Another very useful method with regard to non surgical treatments for hair growth is stimulating the scalp. Stimulating your scalp helps to increase the blood circulation to your scalp which boosts the growth of hair. The increase in the flow of blood to your scalp facilitates the roots of your hairs to receive nutrients.

These nutrients help to nourish the roots of your hairs and thus make them healthier. You can stimulate your scalp by massaging it with the tips of your fingers. Massaging your scalp will not only increase the blood flow to your scalp but will also make your feel relaxed and refreshed.

Laser Therapy

Among hair growth treatments that do not involve surgery, laser therapy is a very important one. In laser therapy, the concentrated use of laser light is focused on the scalp.

This helps in stimulating the blood vessels located in the scalp and thus induces the growth of hair. Laser therapy increases the flow of blood to your scalp similar to stimulating your scalp by massaging it.

Clinical Medications

Clinical medications are among other treatments for hair growth. In this method, a person suffering from hair loss is prescribed certain medicines which will induce the re-growth of hair on the scalp.

These medications contain growth stimulators such as Minoxidil, DHT inhibitors, Super Oxide Dismutase and anti hydrogen drugs. These medications prevent the loss of hair and the onset of baldness and instead enhance the growth of hair.

The methods mentioned above are some of the best methods when it comes to non surgical treatments for hair growth.

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