Nutrition And Diet For Prostate Cancer

Nutrition And Diet For Prostate Cancer If you have been diagnosed with Prostate cancer then it is imperative that you take care that it does not spread and cause more damage to the body. Prostate cancer is not mostly a genetic disorder but it develops with age.

Eating habits of a person is a big determinative in understanding the cause of prostate cancer in that person. Controlling the spread of this type of cancer can be moderated by regulating your eating habits and managing nutrition intake. This article will enlighten you about the benefits you can derive from controlling and regulating your diet in order to minimize the effects that Prostate cancer may cause.

Best Diet For Prostate Cancer

Fruits And Vegetables

You should include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. You should eat small meals and in the gaps between meals you can eat fruits.

Fruits And Vegetables

In your meals include properly cooked vegetables. Wash the fruits and vegetables properly before you decide to eat them. Eat fruits on a full stomach to get the best benefits from it.

Carbohydrates And Glucose

Include breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other types of carbohydrates or starchy foods. Add wholegrain cereals, brown rice, brown breads and other foods that high in fiber. This will make your digestion better and your metabolism will induce. Beans and legumes are also good supplements of carbohydrates and glucose.

Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods

Milk and other dairy foods like eggs should be eaten but not in large quantities as this may accelerate the growth of Prostate cancer in patients as they contain high amounts of calcium.Some levels of calcium for your body is good but too much is not good.

Meat And Other Proteins

Comprise your diet of various foods that provide proteins. Like eggs and soy. Meat like fish and chicken can also be eaten. Include white meat into your diet and not red meat and the heat that red meat generates in the body may become troublesome for you. Pulses are a very good source of protein. Add different kinds of pulses in your meals.

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Fats And Drinks

Fatty foods could be taxing on your health. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats should be taken and saturated fat must be avoided. Foods that are high in saturated fat like fish oil, dark chocolate, butter, processed meat, etc, can cause problems to your health and you should steer clear from them.

Fats And Drinks

Drink at least eight glasses of water. Fruit juice like pomegranate juice can be taken. Intake of sugar and salt should be minimized. Green tea is a extremely beneficial for patients diagnosed with any kind of cancer.

Food Supplements

Food supplements that one gets from the medicine stores would be of much use for prostate cancer patients as they are deriving all the nutrition from the food they eat when they are maintaining a proper diet. Sometimes the food supplements can impede the effect of the recommended medications that are provided by the doctor and hence, it must be taken with the doctor’s reference.

Alcohol And Other Hazards

Alcohol and other health hazard like smoking can cause trouble and accelerate the spread of the cancer and hence, it is advised that such patients keep them at bay.

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