Oakley Full Metal Jacket Watch Review

The real charm of engineering sophistication and the classy look of the Oakley watches simply breathes life to the word ‘royalty’. The 25 jewel movements and the all-new steel jacket ornamentation has enticed customers all over the world.

The Oakley watches never dissappoints you and it resonates the ‘sensuous feel’.


The typical auto-mechanical movements of the with the sophisticated chronometer backing, it becomes the ultimate smooth movement watch.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket

The Oakley full metal jacket collection has Valjoux 7750 facility and a elaborated analog display which attracts everybody standing near you. The ball-bearings are specifically made for the Oakley, and the self-winding displacements of the watch really oozes class.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket Features

The Oakley full metal watches have a 46 hours of running time so that even if you are in trouble, the journey is ‘time sensitive’. The registering system of hours, minutes and even seconds are so perfect that the watch never let you go for the ‘search mode’ on the hands!

Oakley Full Metal Jacket Watch Review

The date corrector is very sophisticated in nature and has all the tecnlogical back-ups to run smoothly without any hassles. The limpidity of the screen-lens is terrific and provides you with all the visibility flamboyance.


The Titanium metal has been put to use to create this watch series. The impact-forged precious metal is pretty carefully brought and studded into the watch to give a texture ‘never-seen-before’. The sapphire crystal ornaments this marvelous watch and lets it wear a sophisticated look.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket features

The high precision CNC technique of computer lets it gain a terrific mileage in the quality parameters of control switches. The system is so easy running that the whole mechanism of watch control through the adjustors are really awesome.


The Titanium watch is complemented with another Titanium pocket watch! Yes, you heard that right. It does not end here, a Titanium bracelet with a chain is also available with the Oakley watch. The fine clasp model of the attachments are really cool to carry which totally re-defines your fashion statement!

Technical Specifications

ETACHRON regulators are a classic bonus with this extremely sophisticated model of Oakley. The vibration of the oscillator touches a staggering 28,000/hour mark which is simply phenomenal.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket price

The water resistance is also another aspect of this terrific watch which enables the watch to work aptly even when a depth of 330 feet is recahed. The accuracy standard should also be mentioned here which is a fine 12 seconds of delay.

The Beauty

Divine, spectacular, awesome, and other worldly words cannot define it! The brand itself is a name which innovates the real ‘time machine’. The versatility, flair of the watch creates a sensitivity in your soul as if you are wearing a ‘piece of your heart’ around your wrist!

Removable Module

The removable module allows you to mount it easily and the chain hanging from your pocket adds a mystique feel to your body language. The full metal jacket is very stylish and incorporates an aesthetic value to it.

Oakley Full Metal Jacket Price

The Oakley Full Metal Jacket Watch is available at $8995. So, do not waste time and get your Oakley full metal jacket wrist watch.