Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera Review

Olympus, the camera manufacturer from Japan has left no stone unturned to emerge as the best point-to-shoot camera manufacturer, a challenge indeed. The launch of Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera is a clear indication of how the company has poised itself for this challenge.

To start with, Olympus Stylus VH-410 digital camera looks promising. It is stylish, compact and revolutionary; these three salient aspects are instantly visible when you take a glance at the mentioned product. The number of features that this camera has, will leave you dazed as to how is all this made to fit in this compact camera. Let’s take a look at some of these features that are incorporated in Olympus Stylus VH-410 digital camera.

Features Of Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera


The name stylus lives up to the reputation. The body is well crafted and looks lovely. The dimensions of the camera are 102 x 60 x 21 mm. This stylish camera will be available for grabs in three colours of Silver, Pink, and Cyan.

Olympus Stylus VH-410

In total, the camera weighs around 152 grams, including batteries. The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery is powerful and can be charged via the USB from your computer or laptop, as well.


The heart of the camera is a 26mm wide-angle, optical zoom lens coupled with 16-megapixel CCD image sensor. This lens is capable of capturing well defined photographs within the range of 5x. Another amazingly charming (and one of my personal favorites) function is the touch to focus feature.

What this does is whilst shooting a scene, with just a simple touch and point, the object or person to be captured comes under exclusive focus. Isn’t that brilliant for both an amateur and professional photographer?


Lastly, the auto focus function allows you to do the standard detection items like face, contrast, multi area scene etc. Yes, there is no manual focus for this camera. Normal focus range of the lens is 60 cm and Macro being 5 cm. The lens in Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera takes pictures at 1.5 fps.

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Olympus has left its competitors behind with the unique function of “Make Up” with which, you can exploit the photograph and meliorate it as you desire. The highlight of the soon to be released camera is called the ‘Beauty’ mode. It simply rectifies the saved image and smoothens the appearance; making the final image look more beautiful. Beauty mode is bliss for a amateur photographer.

iAuto mode takes care of adjusting the camera lens to the surroundings, and the magic filter takes the joy of shooting with a digital camera to a new level altogether. DUAL IS high sensitivity shooting is an image stabilizing feature which, again helps the user to click great pictures, every time. The maximum resolution that this camera provides is 4608 x 3456, minimum being 640 x 480.

Video Recording

Thanks to a simple button on the carefully crafted rear panel of the camera, with a gentle press, you can start recording HD video in 720p. The video is recorded in motion JPEG format whereas the sound is recorded in mono.

Video Recording

A single movie clip can be recorded at a stretch of up to 29 minutes or size of 4 GB only. Needless to say, the quality of the video is proficient than ever.

Screen and Other Features

You can view the recording on the 3 inch TFT LCD screen with touch. The screen Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera has supports 460,000 screen dots (pixels) & live view. The screen and button positioning on the rear side is done exceptionally well; making it look sleek and gracious.

The camera has an in-built memory of 38 Mb along with powerful flash for taking pictures at night time or in dim light. It also supports EyeFi for wireless data transmission. SD/SDHC/SDXC form the options that come along for storage requirements. The camera, however, is not HDMI enabled.

The Verdict & Price

Olympus Stylus VH-410 Digital Camera is expected to hit the markets in October 2012. The price is anticipated to be very competitive, although has not been revealed yet. We will have to wait and watch as to how well this attempt of Olympus fairs in the consumer market.