Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary Watch Review

Omega is a watch brand from Switzerland which does not require any introduction. The reputation that this brand has is unquestionable. This can be judged by the organizations that have chosen this brand time and again. NASA, British Royal Flying Corps, United States Army, the list is endless.

Recently, the James Bond series turned 50 and Omega, being their official watch partner has launched an exclusive and exquisite range of James Bond wrist watches to celebrate the anniversary. It is called Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch.

Let us explore what the timepiece has in store for its prospective owners.

Prominent Features Of Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50th Anniversary

This timeless beauty is available in blue and black lacquered dials. The chronometer of the watch is self-winding. Plus, it is thoroughly resistant for up to 300 M in water, up to 1000 feet in the air. Within the given range, the watch operates, unhampered.

Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary

Omega Seamaster 300M also has a co-axial movement with rhodium plated finish. This movement has three levels and free sprung balance. As mentioned earlier, rotation of the bezel is unidirectional with 120 clicks anti-clockwise. Good news for professional divers is that this watch has a valve for helium to scarper there by delivering optimum performance.

Date is placed next to 3’o clock position. The 41mm version (for men) of this watch has 11 applied indexes whereas the 36.25 version (for ladies) differs by 10 indexes only. You can quickly note (in ladies version) that, at 7’o clock position, there is a diamond index intentionally placed as the secret code of James Bond!

These indexes have been given a flawless surface treatment of white Super-Lumi Nova along with blue emission in dark light. With this feature, reading the time is more convenient under any given condition.

Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary review

The watch also comes with a screw in crown. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal, which is scratch resistant, and anti-reflective too. The power reserve capacity of this Omega product is 48 hours.

Omega & James Bond 007

If you are wondering why a brand like Omega would introduce a collection of James Bond inspired watches, here comes a fact. Omega has been associated with these phenomenal movies since 1995. Pierce Bronson was the first agent to wear Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional.

Since then, various versions of Omega Seamaster have been seen on the wrists of those stars who brought the fictional character to life, in every edition of the movie. Needless to say, Omega did reap a lot of benefits by being associated with the top profile movie series.

Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary Watch

Now that the association between the two is clear, let us go back to this truly distinctive wrist watch – Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch. This wrist watch leaves an everlasting impression on each of its viewer, both visually and performance wise.

There is no escaping the intense attraction that will build within while taking a closer look at this master piece. The round dial or the shining steel are not the only two features to drool over. To know more, continue reading.

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Distinctive & Pertinent Design Of Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50th Anniversary

It is not tough to find out the refreshing modifications that have been blown into this version of the watch. This time, the striking watch, comes in two sizes, 41 mm for men and 36.25mm for women.

The case is made out of a supreme quality of stainless steel, whereas the rings within the dial are manufactured using ceramic bezel, which is capable of unidirectional movement. The bezel is surrounded by accurately populated diving scales which are composed of matt chromium nitride, delectation indeed.

Omega Seamaster 007James Bond 50th Anniversary price

Interestingly, only the digits denoting ’50’ have been given the bold and sinful red finish, purposely, to symbolize the handsome and equally courageous royal spy completing 50 years.

The well constructed strap of Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond 50th Anniversary shows that a lot of thought process, as well as, effort has gone into fabrication of this wrist gadget. The dull finish stainless steel strap is a screw and pin bracelet, a patent owned by Omega themselves.

James Bond’s Influence

The feel of James Bond 007 is heavily incorporated in the watch. You will notice horizontal repetition of the official monogram of the British Spy on the dial. The beautiful presentation of the monogram leaves one thinking as to how a simple thing like a monogram can be used to such perfection. The most charming and popular feature of this watch is on the back- The bullet decoration in the center.

What is fascinating to note is that the bullet rotates along with the oscillating weight! This decoration has “James Bond” and “50 Years” inscribed on it. The center of the bullet has a punched round dip which comes into play when you rotate the watch and can see how obediently the reflection passes through this dip.

The back also has the roll count number out of 11007, as this series belongs to a lucky few only. For example, if the watch has 1234/11007, it implies that the watch with you is 1234th piece rolled out for this special edition.

Availability And Price

Omega Seamaster 007 James Bond with larger dimension (41mm) has been produced to a limited number of 11007 sets whereas the smaller version (36.25mm) is limited to 3007 sets. The watch is available at a price tag shooting above 4000 USD; Even the high price cannot shadow the fact that it is a collector’s item.

Final Verdict

The rich feel and satisfaction that the owner gets, is exceptional. As far as durability goes, this is not a delicate watch. You also get an international warranty card with your name on it. With this watch, Omega puts their watch wearers in a different category altogether.

This Omega Seamaster 300M James Bond 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch will take your wrist watch experience to a level above the rest. You must be warned though, as this prized possession has bright chances of turning into an addiction once you strap it on. What are you waiting for?

As mentioned earlier, the count of this watch is limited to 11,007 only, so if you are looking forward to possessing it, hurry up!