Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Watch

Omega has launched a new sports watch that will take the world by storm – Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph. This is definitely one of the better sports watches that have been launched in recent times. The watch has a perfect size and all the necessary functions that a modern day consumer looks for.

The new Omega Speedmaster has already won many rave reviews and very soon it should fly off the shelves too. The Speedmaster range of watches from Omega has already carved a niche for itself in the market. These watches are considered the best in the world of mechanical sports watches.

The ‘Moon Watch’ made Omega a household name in US and rest of the world and the launch of the latest Speedmaster have created a buzz around it.


The first thing that should catch you eye about this watch is the 9300 Co-Axial chronograph caliber. The watch is 44.25mm in width and comes in steel, platinum and orange gold. No doubt, the steel pieces will sell the most with each one costing about 7,300 Swiss Francs. The dial on the platinum version is a little bit different and it has an alligator strap. The price would be around $35,000 with platinum case and hands and enamel black dial.

This new layout of the dial should impress people who have a fetish for mechanical sport watches. It is true that the dimensions of the watch have increased slightly but the overall profile does remain the same. The bracelet has been upgraded and there is a new system in place which allows you to adjust the size by just adding or removing the required links.


Now this part will seem a wee bit technical but I will try to keep it simple for the lesser mortals like us. Omega always believes in in-house movements and the new caliber 9300 Co-Axial chronograph is a feature laden movement that will please the critics. The caseback of the Speedmaster is filled by the large diameter. The case is made thinner by an AR coated cap style Sapphire crystal. There are many chronograph features which are complex in nature and thus make the movement a little bit thick.

Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph

You can also blame the vertical clutch for the thickness of the movement but it actually helps the chronograph to operate more smoothly. The 9300 Co-Axial shows better accuracy thanks to the superb transfer of power. Omega Speedmaster has about 60 hours of reserve power and this has been certified. These are real good features and should be compelling enough to lure the customers.


The exact price of the Speedmaster and date of launch is still in confusion but the general perception is that it will be available within the next few months. The price should be on the higher side but that will hardly act as a deterrent to serious sports watch lovers.

price of the Speedmaster

The features are not invented new but they have been beautifully incorporated in the new Speedmaster. The 9300 movement has been loved by all but it remains to be seen whether the consumer is impressed by its superlative features.