Pentax K-5 Silver Special Edition DSLR Price & Review

The newest presentation from Pentax RicohK-5 Silver Special edition – flaunts a silver body with 40mm f/2.8 XS pancake lens to go with the body color. Selling for $1599.95, the Pentax K-5 Silver Special is a limited edition item and is available at Pentax Web Store. Let us find out more about the K-5 digital SLR from Pentax in this exclusive review.

Features Of Pentax K-5 Silver Special Edition DSLR


Pentax has not deviated far from the standard model in designing the K-5. The Pentax K-5 sports the same 16.3MP CMOS sensor coupled with Prime II engine. Both of them account for continuous shooting up to 40 frames at the rate of 7fps. The ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 3200 can be further extended to 51,200 with the help of the latest firmware update.

Pentax K-5 Silver Special Edition DSLR Price & Review

Thanks to the firmware version 1.13, K-5 Silver Special edition sports advanced Auto Focus that has 11-point metering system. The 11-point SAFOX IX+ Auto Focus is highly stable, renders more accurate output and is more focused towards low-light conditions. SAFOX IX+ is produced by the combination of the K-7’s SAFOX VIII+ and K-R’s SAFOX IX module.

Pentax has forsaken the conventional lens kit to sport ultra-thin f2.8 XS Pentax-DA pancake lens. This lens cuts down the camera size. Pentax claims that the Pentax-DA XS pancake lens is the thinnest of all unifocal lenses that any camera has ever featured till now.

Much in the fashion of the Pentax 645D model, Pentax K-5 allows side-to-side roll as against the single-axis roll in Pentax K-7. It also allows for front-to-back pitch gauge function. However, sensor-shift stabilization system remains unchanged. This mechanism in K-5 model allows for automatic correction of slightly tilted horizons just before a picture is captured.


On first looking, Pentax K-5 is identical to the outgoing model i.e.the K-7. Besides the ‘Fx’ tag and RAW button, K-5 does not seem to offer any newer look. As the Pentax K-5 is launched as a limited edition item, it flaunts a retro-style weatherproof body in silver color.

Pentax K-5 Silver Special Edition DSLR Price & Review

Sporting bundled optics, Pentax proves that the K-5 camera is going to be a rare item in the market. Well-thought ergonomic design of the camera places it in one of the top slots in this range. It’s solid construction reassures the user that it is indeed a professional tool for incredible photography.


Pentax K-5 sports upgraded movie recording function with the capability of recording 1080p videos in full HD. K-5 performs the dual function of controlling the aperture and using the external audio jack while recording videos. K-5 packs in more filter options and effects.

Price And Availability

Pentax K-5 is available for a price of $1,599.95. Price for the UK market is roughly around £1,011. Since only 1500 units of this ultra-thin model will be produced the rush is already inexplicable.


Limited launch and ultra-thin lens are the top reasons why one should go for the new Pentax K-5 Silver Special edition. If you are looking forward to capture the changing season with a new DSLR then go for the new K-5. Also, the latest K-5 is far better than its predecessor launched in 2011 that cost $100 more without the ultra-thin pancake lens.