Pentax X-5 Superzoom Digital Camera Review

Ever since I can remember, the name Pentax evoked awe in me. Pentax cameras were always something that the professional had and as a youngster I could only dream of the day when I would own one. The days of film photography are gone and with the coming of the digital cameras, my dream finally came true.

The launch of the Pentax X-5, another camera in the super zoom category, got me itching to lay my hands on one. Having used it for about a week and taken over 500 pictures, I can safely say that I am impressed.

Pentax X-5 Superzoom Features


Available in two colours silver and black , the Pentax X-5 has an all over rubberised cover that makes gripping the camera easy.

Pentax X-5

The front of the camera shows the lens and the Auto focus assist. The back is taken up by the 3 inch tilt-able LCD monitor (460,000 pixel), the electronic viewfinder (260,000 dots) which also has a dioptre adjustment wheel, the movie recoding button, the menu controls, buttons for the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and the LCD (Disp), and the playback button along with the digital zoom wheel.

The top of the camera features the on / off button, the pop up flash, the mode dial and the zoom lever and shutter. The button for the pop up flash is located to the left of the flash housing. The USB and HDMI connecters are located on the side.


One of the super zoom series, the Pentax X-5 features a 26x zoom lens offering a focal length of 4 – 104 mm (the 35 mm equivalent of 22.3 – 580 mm). There are other cameras offering higher zoom abilities but at the wide angle level, the Pentax X-5 is one of the best.


The zoom is further enhanced by the digital zoom function. The sensor based Shake Reduction technology ensures that the little shake at high zoom is negated and provides clear and crisp pictures.


The Pentax X-5 has a 16 megapixel high resolution CMOS sensor along with a state of the art imaging engine supported by Super Resolution technology.

Shooting Modes

The Pentax X-5 features 10 different shooting modes including Auto Picture, Auto Micro, Program, Manual, Scene, Landscape and Handheld Night Snap.

Shooting Modes

The Auto Picture mode selects the best shooting options from the 16 different modes to get you the best picture. In addition there are 12 digital filters to help your creativity take full bloom.

Video can be recorded in full HD employing the h.264 recording format.

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The Pentax X-5 has an ISO range of 100 to 6400.


The Pentax X-5 has an aperture range from f/3.1 – 5.9.



The Pentax X-5 has an internal memory of 75.3 MB. Media can be stored on SD, SHDC or SDXC card. The Pentax X-5 is also compatible with Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards.


The Pentax X-5 is powered by two AA batteries, which is somewhat of a damper.

Pentax X-5 Price

The Pentax X-5 has been priced at $ 279.95 in the USA


According to John Carlson, Senior Manager, Marketing and Sales, “the X-5 is the ideal compact travel companion for photo enthusiasts who want a digital camera with them wherever they go that’s capable of taking every type of image.”

I for one totally agree with him.