Possible Complications When Men Want To Be Women

With the advancement of science and technology and widespread research in the medical field, now we can give thumbs down to our biological sex and chose the gender we prefer. To be precise, now anybody can go for a sex change operation.  So, men who have always repented about their biological sex and wished they could be females can now celebrate.

Possible Complications When Men Want To Be Women

But, before you transform yourself from a man to a woman it is vital that you must have a sound idea of all the factors that are connected with it. This will give you better chance to decide and come to a concrete conclusion.

Things Men Want To Be Women

Social Stigma Still Prevails

Although sex change operation is no longer a forbidden word today, social stigma still exists. When you plan to go for a sex change operation and become a woman, the first objection that you will encounter will come from your own family. Your parents and siblings will never want you to become a woman from a man. Actually, they will never prefer to be the talk of the town for your acts!

Your Love Life May Suffer

Since you wish to become a woman, so it is rather certain that you have least interest to continue as a man throughout your life. You might also have been living so far as a homosexual. It indicates that you are inclined to a person of your similar sex. It might also be so that you have a steady boyfriend, who is a homosexual as well.

Possible Complications When Men Want To Be Women

He would prefer to love you and continue with you since both of you belong to the same sex. Going for a sex change operation might set a hard blow to your relationship. Your partner might not approve of it when you become a woman as he will never become a heterosexual in the process.

You Cannot Expect To Be A Natural Mother

When men want to be women, medical science comes as the ultimate resort to them. But, it is equally important for you to remember that you cannot challenge the natural laws completely. Therefore, even after you become a female after the sex change operation you will not enjoy everything that nature has gifted to the fairer sex.

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You might be biologically a woman post the surgery, but you will never be able to bear a child within your womb like a female. You cannot breast feed a kid too. Sex change operation cannot impart you the reproductive organs of a woman.

Post Operative Risks Are Always There

Sex change operation comes with a couple of risk. If you are unfortunate and get into contact with an unskilled medical practitioner, who is not conversant with such surgeries, you might be a victim of health complications post operation. Some of them are really lethal and life threatening as well.

The most common complication that affects individuals after the sex change surgery is vaginal-rectal fistula. The healing process of the same might take several months and years. In worst cases, a repeated sex reassessment surgery can also be necessary to sort this out.