Practise Yoga To Improve Digestion

Yoga To Improve Digestion General belief among health expert is that most diseases originate in the colon. They are not wrong as most of the people complain about various stomach related problems. The commonly found disorders are constipation, flatulence, gas formation, acidity, belching, IBS and stomach ache etc.

Main factors Responsible For Digestive Disorders Are

Psychological reasons such as stress, tension, anxiety and nervousness. Improper eating like over eating, excessive use of fats and spices in the food, eating at irregular hours, not chewing the food properly or eating stale or junk food.

All kinds of digestive disorders are easily curable by practising yoga therapy. Regular practise of certain yoga asanas and breathing exercises (Pranayama) can help to control acidity, constipation, flatulence etc. Yoga helps to stimulate the function of intestines, pancreas and kidneys and make them healthy and strong.

Yoga to Improve Digestion


Pranayama should be done on an empty stomach or at least after one and a hour after your meals. You should practice Pranayama in a sitting position, holding your spine, neck and head in a straight line.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Sit down in Padam (lotus pose) asana or Sukh (easy pose) asana. Rest your hands on the knees with palms facing upwards. Touch your index finger and thumb together.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Exhale slowly without jerk and pull your stomach inwards. Hold for a second. Start inhaling while pushing the abdomen outwards. Hold again for a second and slowly exhale. Repeat the process ten times and gradually increase it to 15 times maximum.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

For Kapalbhati Pranayama keep sitting in the same position as above. It is done in the similar manner as Bhastrika Pranayama, you only have to do it in a continuous rhythm without pause. Maintain a slow speed in the beginning and gradually increase the speed of inhaling and exhaling.

Yoga Asanas

Uttanpada Asana

To perform this asana Lie on your back on a firm mattress. Place your hands on the sides. Inhale and lift both your legs together while keeping your toes stretched out. Lift the legs up to 12 inches from the floor and hold to the count of 10.

Go down while exhaling and rest for 2-3 minutes. Do three to five rounds of the asana.

Pawanmukta Asana

To perform this asana Lie in the same position as above. Fold your right leg while inhaling and bring the knee close to your chest. Cross your arms to hold the knee and breathe out. Slowly lift your head and try to touch your chin to the knee.

Hold for 5 seconds and go back to starting position. Repeat with the other side and then with both the legs together. Relax for 2-3 minutes in Shava asana.

Vajra Asana

Vajra asana is the only asana in yoga that you can do immediately after meals. It helps in digesting the food and relieves gas formation, constipation and acidity.

To perform this asana Sit on a firm mattress with both the legs folded beneath you. Place your feet below the hips with the toes touching together. Keep your neck, spine and head in a straight line. Place your hands on the knees. Breathe normally and maintain the pose from 5 -1 0 minutes to aid digestion.

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