Premature Gray Hair Treatment Options And Reverse Gray Hair

Premature Gray Hair treatment Internet is undoubtedly a treasure-trove of treatments for premature gray hair, especially for those who are desperate about finding a cure that really works. But before you decide to invest on a product that could probably be a scam, it’s important that you research well.

Premature Gray: Why You?

Before deciding to go for a particular treatment, it is important that you find out the cause behind this condition. Old age is something that is most closely associated with graying of hair. However, there are some people who are unfortunate to experience premature gray hair during their youthful days.

Although genes could be responsible for it but there are a number of other conditions too, that can lead to premature graying of hair.

Can I Reverse Premature Gray?

Loss of melanocytes leads to graying of hair. There are no medical treatments that can re-program melanocytes and bestow you with the kind of hair you’ve always wanted. However, there are a number of websites and infomercials that boast of revealing the miracle ancient secret that can actually reverse premature graying of hair.

One of the most tantalizing natural remedies for premature gray hair is Fo-Ti, the Chinese herb. The herb is known to promote longevity. Other cures include intake of vitamin B as it is known to reverse gray hair. Many other such remedies can be easily found on the Internet but it is very important that you do enough research and also see if other people are satisfied with the product’s usage and results.

Treating It Slow

One of the best ways of treating premature gray hair is using those products that do not promise fast and drastic results as such promises are generally fake. You should go for slow treatments, which actually guarantee to affect your hair’s texture and health. Keep using a good quality hair dye along with the treatment as it will not only restore the hair color, it will also protect your self esteem, especially if your gray hair makes you feel embarrassed.

A good way of going about it is by using a progressive hair colorant such as Grecian Formula and GrayBan. Progressive hair colorants do not contain harmful ingredients as the ones present in chemical dyes. Progressive hair colorants contain bismuth citrate or lead acetate, and only target unpigmented gray or white strands of hair. It is a temporary color for hair but can be a good alternative to hair dyes.

However, progressive colorants work best only when used regularly after shampooing your hair every time. If you have been seeking a product which gets full gray-hair coverage, progressive colorants are not for you. However, it is ideal for men who prefer coloring their hair discreetly.

Demi- and Semi-Permanent Dyes

Demi- and Semi-permanent hair dyes are also a gentler way of treating premature gray hair. These are an excellent source for those who are new to hair coloring. These dyes do not stay in the hair longer than for one to four washes.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent Hair dye is the best way of achieving all-over coverage for gray hair but these dyes contain a number of chemicals including ammonia that may seep into your hair cuticles. You must not use permanent hair dyes too much, rather you must apply it only to the re-grown gray hair. Also, while choosing a permanent dye, choose the color that is at least one shade lighter than the original and natural color of your hair.

Hair Supplements and Products

Although supplements, herbs, dyes and products are not programmed to reduce the gray hair but there are a number of products available with ancient approaches that boast of reversing premature gray hair.

It is important to first understand what it is that causes premature gray hair. The color of the hair is due to the pigment cells present within the hair follicles. The pigment cells are also called melanocytes and after reaching a specific page, melanocytes stop producing the pigment. Because of this, the new hair grows without any pigment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), premature gray hair reflects an internal disturbance. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the hair texture and color represents the strength of your kidneys as well as quality of blood.

Moreover, according to Chinese medicine, you must have foods that strengthen kidneys and blood, thereby enhancing the quality of hair. Some foods that, according to TCM, can improve quality of hair and prevent premature hair graying are Blackstrap molasses, Hijiki seaweed, Nettles, Black sesame seeds, Chlorophyll and Wheat Grass.

However, you must not have any of these food items in excessive amounts. For example, Hijiki seaweed contains high amounts of iodine, excess of which can cause thyroid dysfunction. Problems in thyroid also cause premature gray hair. According to traditional Chinese medicine, you must also avoid having excessive dairy products, meat and salt.

Traditional Chinese medicine also suggests use of certain herbs such as HeShou Wu. However, before using any herbs for treating premature gray hair, it is important that you consult a doctor as too much of these herbs can cause emotional ailments such as depression or anger.

Ayurvedic Treatments

According to Ayurveda, premature gray hair is a result of pitta and vata constitutional type imbalance. They are a number of herbs that according to ayurveda can treat premature gray hair. Bringaraja, is one such herb. It is also an important ingredient of hair tonics and oils. Bringaraja supports kidney and liver functions.

Another well known Ayurvedic herb is amla. It is not only used for treatment of premature gray hair, it is also used for a number of other inflammatory conditions and for improving vision.

Understanding Causes of Premature Gray Hair And Taking Action

Premature greasy hair can be caused due to several different reasons including loss of pigment, poor nutrition, deficiency of minerals and vitamins, genetics and diseases.

It is extremely important to understand the cause behind premature graying of hair and take immediate action. Other than genetics, almost all factors that lead to premature gray hair can be eliminated and you can easily take control of the situation.

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