Quick Remedies To Prevent Baldness

how to prevent baldness Who says only women like to take care of their hair? With growing considerations about the importance of personal appearance in today’s world, more and more men are moving towards concepts like skin, hair and body care in order to stay ahead of the race in all aspects.

Hair fall seems to have become a serious issue these days with many men losing almost all of their hair at the young age of 25-40 years. And even though there may be several reasons attributed to hair fall in men, the results in most cases would be the same; severe hair loss or temporary/permanent baldness.

So if you are desperately finding out a way to cure yourself of hair loss, then here are some useful tips that would help you combat the issue effectively.

Best  Remedies To Prevent Baldness

Drying your Hair After a Shower

Many individuals tend to just rub their head strongly with a towel immediately after showering. Even though this practice would dry your hair faster, it would break the same as well. Wet hair are very gentle and can easily break with too much force. Alternatively, you can pat your hair dry with a towel or soft cloth.

Combing wet hair would also lead to hair fall in men. Wet hair are very fragile and so breaks very easily when you pull it using bristled brushes. Alternatively, you can use your hands to carefully comb through and set wet hair. Use a regular brush only after your hair dries up completely.

The Importance of Regular Haircuts

Of course it is always advised that you go for regular hair cuts in order to do away with split ends and hair loss. Keeping your hair short would enable you to maintain (dries up and sets faster after showers) it better and experiment with a whole list of short hairstyles.

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Herbal Massages

We are talking about herbal oils here. These products are considered the best when it comes to taking care of hair fall in individuals, especially men. Make it a point to massage your scalp and hair with good quality hair oil. Oils that contain Minoxidil can also prevent hair loss in men.

Styling Products and Treatments

If you tend to have weak hair that easily breaks, stay away from hot irons and curlers. These products would weaken your hair more, causing severe hair loss. Again, certain hair colors, pastes and gels contain harmful chemicals that can cause severe damage to hair with time in addition to even preventing re growth of hair in the affected area.

Regular Shampooing

Regular showers are ok but not regular shampooing or conditioning. Even herbal shampoos tend to have a few chemical elements in them which wash away the natural sebum present on the scalp. This weakens the hair follicles, thus leading to hair fall.

Opt for weekly hair washes or maybe twice a week or so. Use only a good quality shampoo and conditioner; and switch the amount of the products that you use in accordance with the greasiness of your hair. Make sure you rinse off the shampoo and conditioner properly before stepping out.

Other Tips that Might Help

It has been found out that sleeping on flannel pillow cases can cause hair to dry up and fall out. So opt for cotton pillow cases that are airy and soft on your hair. And visit a hair spa or salon at least once in month or so for hair treatments that would stop hair fall in addition to retaining its existing shine and luster.