Reasons For Falling Out Of Love

Reasons For Falling Out Of Love Falling out of love is as easy as falling in love if you don’t take proper care of your feelings and the relationship. Just as a plant needs water and sunlight to survive, there are some pre-requisites required by love to survive and be long lasting. Care, understanding and space are some of the key elements that are required to make a relationship last.

Hurt and bitterness are some of the traits that sound the death knell of a relationship. Now, when we talk about such an emotional state, it is very important to get your facts right and also understand the causes and reasons that can be associated with problems of falling out of love. This simple checklist will help you define the causes and roots of the issue and help you avoid or understand it better-

Roots for Love Vanishing from Relations

The Trend of Getting Bored Easily

This is one prevalent cause that can easily be connected to issues of falling out of love. In more than 70 percent of the cases, getting bored and dull relationships are a major reason for the problem. Couples in a committed relationship start taking each other for granted. This easily takes the spark out of the relationship, leading to boredom.

Predictable nature and situations make things worse. Spending a lot of time with each other or talking on the phone can prove to be very monotonous especially for women. Note down this point as it is one of the most significant root causes when it comes to a relationship going bad.

Neglecting Your Partner

Neglecting your partner can be one of the main reasons for falling out of love. This might make them feel avoided as well as lose their importance. Keep appreciating your partner from time to time to boost the love and care in your relationship. Make sure that if something is bothering them, you help them out with your advice rather than staying aloof.

Falling out of love

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Lack of Respect in the Relation

There can be a lot of causes which give rise to this problem. Many a times it has been seen that as time passes, partners lose respect for each other. One of the common reasons is when you aren’t able to live up to their expectations. Clash of thought in day to day lives can also lead to lack of respect for each other.

Exposure to Change

Change is something that is irrefutable. Changes within the environment as well as within a person can be one of the reasons for lack of interest in the relationship. Change in viewpoints can prove to be quite unhealthy and lead to weakening of the bonds among partners.

The Other Person in the Scene

This is one of the very obvious reasons that can result in falling out of love. A third person in the scene can always be the factor why your partner doesn’t love you anymore. It might be possible that this issue is a result of other reasons like neglect and avoidance but then it is quite prevalent when it comes to falling out of love. The other person might be more interesting in their approach and take your partner off their feet!

These are some of the significant reasons why people generally fall out of love!