Reasons Why Sex Stop After Marriage

Sex is an integral part of a marriage. A marriage is a lifetime commitment which can give you the pleasures of love, companionship, togetherness and of course physical satisfaction. However, many couples complain that sex is no longer as frequent after marriage as it used to be before.

When sex is no longer that frequent it is called a sexless marriage and this can be very much derogatory on the relationship between the couple.

Sex And Marriage, Why The Sex Stops After Marriage

Often it is seen that there may not be very obvious reasons like incompatibility or incongruence between the partners but very simple reasons like feeling tired, fatigue, keeping busy with work and daily chores and so on that may result in sexless marriage. But a sexless marriage can often become serious to the point of falling apart.

Facts About Sexless Marriage

Before you decide if you really have a sexless marriage and worry about it you should understand certain facts about the same. A sexless marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that sex has stopped completely. However, in worst cases there can be no sex at all.

Sexless marriage is common among many couples in the United States and in most cases the problems interfering with sex can be solved. Sexless marriage can happen to couples of any age group and it doesn’t always necessarily mean a husband wife relationship problem.

Common Reasons Why Sex Stops After Marriage

When a romantic relationship begins to bloom between two individuals there remains an urgency to know each other in every possible way. There is excitement, adventure and above all deep passion and love. There remains no fear and no boundaries thereby sex becomes a frequent exciting affair.

Taking Each Other For Granted

Marriage is a beautiful institution which binds a couple forever. But with marriage comes commitment, responsibilities of daily life and sometimes you begin to take your spouse for granted.

Sex And Marriage, Why The Sex Stops After Marriage

Before marriage you used to try and impress each other and there used to be a desire to enjoy together as long as it lasts. With marriage you know you will be together thereby often the charm vanishes with the feeling that sex can wait and it keeps waiting.

Getting Busy With Work And Daily Chores

This is a simple yet a very common reason for which sex stops after marriage. With marriage come responsibilities, kids and daily essential chores. You may feel too tired to consider sex at the end of the day and postpone it for a later time.

Low Sex Drive Or Lack Of Sexual Attraction

After marriage we may not take as much care to look good like before. We may stop trying to impress our spouse which gradually diminishes the sexual attraction and drive between the couple. However, in some cases there may be a genuine physical problem to cause a reduced sex drive in either of the partners which should be given medical attention.

Lack Of Time And Communication

Sex is physical but without mental intimacy sex can’t be fun or go on for long time. After marriage many couples make the mistake of spending less time together and remaining more involved with work and other things. Lack of communication and intimacy erodes the passion thereby making sex infrequent. This can also become a common reason for infidelity and extra marital affairs.

Rift In Husband Wife Relationship

Sex And Marriage, Why The Sex Stops After Marriage

It is obvious that if the main relationship between the couple isn’t working well or if there is lack of compatibility sex will definitely take a back seat.

Get Back Sex In Your Marriage

With a little effort from both husband and wife a sexless marriage can be easily turned into a sexually fulfilling one. If you feel that sex has stopped in your marriage make no hesitation to discuss the issue with your spouse. Both you and your spouse willing can bring great positive changes to your marriage and conjugal life.

Identify The Root Cause

Once you communicate with your spouse it will be easier to find the root cause and decide effective ways to terminate the actual problem.

Recreate Romance And Passion

Even in the daily humdrum life romance can be reignited and sparks of passion can engulf you and your spouse. After the tiring day spend some cozy moments together by either taking a warm bath or an evening stroll. Go back down the memory lane and revive how you used to feel for each other. In no time you will feel the passion reigniting and sex will become as interesting and frequent as before.

Professional Help

If nothing works out or if there are serious relationship issues then don’t hesitate to consider professional help.