Rekindle The Romance With Adult Board Games

Adult Board Games Several couples lose the spark in their relationship after a few years of togetherness. Or in the hectic and monotonous `work-kids-school-grocery-office-kids’ cycle, many hardly find time to enjoy some intimate `us’ moments with each other. 

If you are one of them, do not worry. Bring back the romance, fun and excitement in your life with these board games meant for adults and feel young again like those carefree days.

Romance With Adult Board Games

Dirty Minds — A Game of Naughty Clues

Do not be fooled by the name!  This hilarious game is termed as the `cleanest dirty game’! Though the clues provoke naughty thoughts, the correct answers are squeaky clean.

In fact, as opposed to the name, those with dirty minds will fair poorly as against those with clear and innocent thoughts. When played by different groups of adults, the thoughts and responses vary as per the age and the group of players. The answers will also be often far from clean, provoked by filthy clues. Remember it is all in your mind!

Strip Chocolate — Erotic Board Game

As the name suggests, in this game, chocolate goes on and the clothes come off! This yummy adults-only game offers ample sensual pleasure as you will eat luscious chocolates in unusual places. The game, with its naughty rules, is deliciously satisfying as you will lick not only the chocolates but also your game mate’s body parts.

Draw a chocolate card that shows a body part and as per instructions you have to draw on your partner’s body or kiss or lick it. Also during the play, one piece of clothing on your partner’s body comes off as per your choice. The game cannot end till at least one player has not stripped fully. And the naked player can challenge the partner to play further rounds.

Kama Sutra — The Game of Love

Whether you want to get enlightened about the ancient art of love or just to practice your skill, this naughty game will surely perfect both your knowledge and expertise as an accomplished lover. Designed for two players, this sensual board game offers infinite possibilities with 64-full colour photos of sexual positions.

Best Board Games For Adults

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Players move up the board through several chakras or levels that denote the sexual and spiritual energy within our bodies. While traveling the track, the lovers draw cards that range from saying sweet things to trying various sexual positions. However, the images of the love cards are explicit in nature so store them away from the reach of the children.

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Advanced Sex Techniques — A Game of  Foreplay

This erotic game offers mental and physical foreplay techniques, featuring over 10,000 sexual adventures. The game starts with sensual foreplay and advances towards erotic foreplay for him and her.

When both the partners get too aroused, then they can move to round three that offers sexual positions. Five game cards offer 10 techniques per card. The box also includes a spinner and easy-to-follow rules. This game, published by Relationship Enrichment Systems, is for adults only.

Speak Love, Make Love — Ignite Romance

A two-sided board game involves partners to receive or give instructions. Take your communication skills to greater heights with a romantic angle as you and your partner revel in sensual pleasure.

And yes, in addition it will foster a contended and better relationship through better communication. This is more appropriate for matured lovers than young ones.

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