Review Of The Huawei Mediapad Tablet

The much awaited Huawei MediaPad tablet is finally here! The Huawei MediaPad is the world’s first Android 3.2 tablet that was introduced by Huawei on June 20th 2011 in Singapore. The 7 inches wide MediaPad has been the launch pad of CommunicAsia, a wellrespected name in the gadget market.

The 3.2 tablet has already taken the world by storm and has left its many competitors far behind. The reason that there weren’t any 7 inches MediaPad tablets so far was because it would have been impossible to accommodate Android 3.0 and 3.1 on this small a screen.

huawei media pad tablet

The MediaPad has an amazing display; one that has never been seen on any Honeycomb tablets so far. The salient features of the Huawei MediaPad tablet are 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, battery life of around six hours, a superbly high pixel density of about 217 pixels-per-inch and although Huawei hasn’t let out the exact resolution, but it is speculated that the screen will definitely boast of IPS capacitive touch panel.

The MediaPad has  GPS and 802.11n of WiFi. To top it all the tablet also comes with a power packed central processing unit; a 1.2GHz dual core chip from Qualcomm! This is even more powerful than the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip used in tablets like Motorola XOOM and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Honeycomb 3.2 is much similar to 3.1 except for the size which makes the tablet a mere 7 inches in comparison to 10 inches of 3.1 tablet. The tablet is about 8.36mm in thickness.

3.2 Huawei MediaPad

The 3.2 Huawei MediaPad gives you 3G support and also offers around 8GB of internal storage along with a microSD slot. The tablet also contains features like direct access to Facebook, Twitter, Let’s Golf and Documents To Go. So the tablet is perfect for someone who wants to balance the personal with the professional.

The tablet comes with a Bluetooth connection and an HDMI slot to keep you entertained with high-definition movies and music while you travel. The tablet has Flash 10.3 player installed so you can browse any website without any glitches.

Huawei MediaPad

The only major hassle is the pricing of the Huawei Mediapad tablet. For some strange reason the company hasn’t been able to name a price on their amazing innovation. Another problem area with the tablet is the non-specifications of the RAM. Also, the company does not intend to manufacture WiFi-only models as of now.

While the Huawei MediaPad does sound and appear exciting, the company hasn’t been very forthcoming on the tests that have been conducted to prove the many features the tablet boasts of. For example, it hasn’t been let out by the company as to how they came to the figure of six hours to describe the battery life of the MediaPad tablet.

Huawei Mediapad Tablet

Huawei has managed to generate quite a buzz in the market with its MediaPad. Although the company is not known for its quality Android product, but it would be worthwhile to wait and watch the response the MediaPad tablet gets from the users. The Huawei MediaPad tablet can prove to be the stepping stone to improvised Android devices.