Samsung EX2F Point And Shoot Camera Price & Review

Samsung has come up with a fresh attempt to foray into the compact camera market. This attempt is called Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera This product comes with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Let us explore this modest attempt in more detail.

Features of Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera


Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera is small in size when compared with EX1 which happens to be its predecessor. It is designed for an easy fit in to one’s pocket. Don’t jump the gun; the camera doesn’t fall short of anything due to its size; when it comes to performance. Samsung EX2F has a magnesium alloy body measuring 112.1 x 62.4 x 27.55 mm in dimensions.

Samsung EX2F

In total, the camera weighs a hefty 294 grams. The camera looks presentable in stunning all-black or grey, and reflects the detailed attention given in providing the look. The point and shoot camera comes with standard lithium ion battery and SD/ SDHC/ SDXC memory slot. In its retail pack, a shoulder strap comes as a complimentary accessory.


Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera comes along with Schneider Kreuznach lens which is coupled with BSI CMOS sensor, far superior to the CCD version of sensors available in the compact camera market today. Optical zoom of the camera is 3.3x whereas the digital zoom can be obtained up to 12.4x.

Focal range of the camera deserves a notable mention; for this makes Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera more attractive in terms of specs. With this camera on your side, 24 mm wide angle range is a reality in compact cameras too. It can be easily stated that Samsung EX2F has the brightest, compact camera lens in the world.


The aperture range of this camera is f/1.4 to 2.7. The shutter speed stands tall at 1/2000. What does this mean to you as a consumer? You can shoot photos more quickly and in low light condition without compromising on the photo quality. This is, by far the best feature of Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera.

The lens also has a provision of an accessory ring which can be used to arm this camera with more lenses. Another accessory that comes in to my mind is the external flash that can be used to enhance your low light shooting.

Photography Features

The camera is equipped with the industry standard modes of photo shooting. Default modes like Smart Auto [Samsung proprietary], Night and Beach etc work pretty much like its competitors. The plus point that Samsung has included in this camera are the 15 special modes like half tone dot, split shot and soft focus which can take your picture to a new level.

The image resolution offered is 4000 x 3000 which can give competition to any of the starting range of DSLR cameras available. A particularly advantageous feature of the product is provision of a dial that adjusts the shutter speed and makes life so much easier.

Samsung EX2F Point And Shoot Camera Price

Samsung EX2F shoots the photos in full HD mode and is coupled with a very efficient built in flash that keeps the performance up, in dim light conditions, as well. Samsung EX2F lives up to the categorization of point-to-shoot camera. The camera and lens get instantly ready to capture images, the moment it is turned on.

Not only this, the speed at which the camera gets ready for the next picture is remarkable, too. You are unlikely to miss a moment due to the “inter-picture” lag other competitors have in this section.

Smart face recognition is another charming feature that comes with this camera. Wondering what the big deal about this feature is? Well, it’s not just face recognition; it is a smarter way of doing it. The lens automatically adjusts to find the faces in your shooting scene and captures them with immediate focus.

The camera remembers the frequent faces of your camera work and gives you an option of viewing just those in the playback. So bye-bye to the hassle of skipping every other photo, cool isn’t it?

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1080p Full HD recording is a boon with the BSI CMOS sensor. 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 are resolutions for capturing videos. Even in low light the camera is capable of shooting with 30 fps without losing the amazing sharpness to your subject. This is an achievement in itself. The format in which the video gets captured is H.264 accompanied by stereo microphone for voice recording.


And yes, last but not the least, the dual capture mode allows you to simultaneously capture stills and video so that you can have best of both worlds. The camera has the best video output in the EX series ever.

Screen and Other Features

Playing back your photography stills and video is a delight with Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot camera. You view the photos on the pivoting 3 inch wide AMOLED display. Needless to say, the color seems more vibrant, and life like. What is even better is that the screen can auto rotate! The pivoting or “swiveling” as Samsung calls it, gives you better display while in sunlight. Very convenient & thoughtful solution for those who don’t like disturbing the camera stand for viewing captures.

The Wi-Fi capability of Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera is pretty standard. It can be quickly connected to your phone to publish videos and photographs, directly on any of the social media sites.

Not just that, Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera automatically backs up your photography work on the storage cloud that Samsung provides its customers with. The camera is HDMI enabled, so that you get to view your clicked photos on the high definition television with the same clarity and definition.

Samsung EX2F Point And Shoot Camera Price And Availability

At $499, Samsung EX2F Point and Shoot Camera may seem costly at this moment, but the product, undoubtedly, has so much to offer.


It is actually works as a good replacement for both amateur and professional photography lovers who refrain from DSLR cameras due to pricing. The features make it a promising buy.