Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite 5302 Price & Review

Samsung has been one of the leading smartphone companies and its sales are increasing many a fold every time it launches a new smartphone. There are only a few smartphones which are able to or can compete with the Samsung’s smartphone lienup in terms of their excellent touch, powerful processor which makes working of many apps simultaneously fast and the smartphone doesn’t get slow down. Its super HD-Amole display is also impressive.

But mostly available smartphone in the market are quite costly is not everybody’s reach. So Samsung has released very cheap smartphones and Galaxy Y has been in one of them. It highly got acceptance especially in India as getting a smartphone at this much rate is like everybody’s dream coming true.

Now again Samsung has decided to do something new and they have launched yet another really cool smartphone which support two Sims. Yes a dual sim smartphone and at a very reasonable price which must be in the reach of every common man.

 Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite 5302

Well, recently Samsung released Samsung Galaxy S duos and along with it, it also announced Galaxy Y lite Duos, both having dual sim support. Will this smartphone be able to justify the Samsung’s repo? Let’s find out some of its features.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite 5302 Features


The smartphone has dimensions 103.90 x 57.90 x 12.98mm which makes a good looking handset. It’s quite sleek and slim. It has got back surface finish. It looks good in the hands and because of its small size, it is easy to carry it and gets a great grip in the hands.


Samsung Galaxy Y Lite Duos features a 2.8-inch (240 x 320) QVGA Display with a resolution of 320 x 240. Though the screen is not big enough, still not that too small and it’s quite good getting it at that much price.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite 5302 Features

The screen pixels are not that bad and the display touch is also good and quite smooth. The brightness level is also good in the smartphone and does not cause any problem in the sunshine.

Memory and Processor

The smartphone offers you 832 MHz processor which is not that bad and lets you do more with your smartphone with quite ease. It doesn’t really gets slow while using multiple apps. It run on android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) which is good and you can almost all the apps available in the android market.

The Duos support 4 GB of on board built in memory which can be expanded up to 32 GB as required by the user. The internal memory offered the Samsung is good and you can store data easily and for more data, it can be easily expanded up to 32 GB.


This smartphone features a standard battery of 1,200mAh which is not quote handy. It has talk time of Up to 920minutes (2g), up to 360minutes (3g) and Stand-by Time Up to 410hours (2g), up to 370hours (3g).


Therefore short battery life can be one of the disadvantages of the smartphone and for handling duals sim capacity, we don’t think that it will offer you good battery life and it may prevent consumers to buy it or move to other smartphones available in the market.

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In terms of camera quality, this smartphones doesn’t offer you a great deal as it only features a back camera of 2MP without any other additional features. So if you are crazy about capturing your memories and doesn’t want to compromise on that then this smartphone will might not tempt you.


There is front camera which indicated the absence of video calling in the smartphone.


Galaxy Y Lite duos has Wi-Fi support which lets you download your files, apps, games, etc. easily with your wireless internet. You can easily share files and pictures with you beloved ones using Bluetooth. If you are a teenager and are addicted to social networking apps, then it brings good news for you as it features various built social network apps which lets you connect with your friends and relatives all the time and share every update with them on the go.

It also has Samsung’s popular chat ON messenger already included in the smartphones which enhances your chat experience with you friends and never let you get bored wherever you are.

Additional Features

Well, the most important is the dual sim support which has been the use of many consumers as they want to separate their corporate life and another for instance, for your personal life from one another. The two SIM cards support clearly tells you that two phone numbers at your disposal. You can use data according to your plan, regardless of the SIM.

Additional Features

People can also use one as postpaid for more calls and another as prepaid for less calls. This reduces their problem of buying two phones for two numbers and why one should go for two if you can get the same at the price of one. Both phones run on the GSM technology (850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands) and have Samsung’s TouchWiz software overlay.


Well, getting this much features with running android in your smartphone and that to with dual sim, we think that it’s not a bad deal. Yes, there are some features missing and some are not up to the mark, but still we recommend this smartphone for the users who doesn’t want to spend big money on smartphones and wants dual sim too. Then this is the right choice people.

Price Of Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite 5302

Well, Samsung Galaxy y Duos is priced at a very reasonable price for just Rs 6,990. This is the most important thing in the smartphone. It might miss out on few features but dual sim smartphone rated at this much price is surely not a bad deal. It will be available in standard white and black colors.