Samsung Series 5 NP535 Ultrabook Review & Price

Samsung, the Korean giant is set to woo AMD lovers with the launch of a super-thin, ultra book NP535.  AMD was never available in such a small package. Will AMD lovers flock to this refreshing change? Well, let’s take a deep dive in what is with this ultra book and figure it out.

Features Of Samsung Series 5 NP535 Ultrabook


To be precise, this modern day ultrabook is extremely thin and light in weight. 12.4″ x 8.6″ x 0.58″ are the dimensions that this machine will occupy in your bag, thereby taking much less space.

With just 3.35 Lbs weight, it won’t take a toll on your shoulders either. The sleek and graceful silver coloring reflects the superior design attempt from Samsung. To me, getting an AMD fit into that small cage is an achievement in itself!


Samsung Series 5 NP535 Ultrabook is tough and ready for heavy duty performance. The keyboard and screen are carefully portioned and aptly placed. Interestingly, there is no crowding observed even though there are 80 keyboard buttons! The speakers are placed just above the keyboard. Tiny blue lights for bluetooth and Wi-Fi do their job charmingly well and are placed around this deck.


The screen of Samsung Series 5 NP535 Ultrabook stands at 13.3 inches. The display is LED HD giving vibrant colors and super sharp picture quality. The ultrabook also boasts of the Super bright technology giving you stunning 300 nits of brightness. The resolution is measured to beat 1366 x 768 which in turns complements the display exceptionally well.


With the help of integrated graphic card – AMD Radeon HD 7500 G, the screen can give an output of 11.3 fps for full resolution and 24 fps for low resolutions, this performance can’t be matched by other ultrabooks in the market with similar specs.


Samsung Series 5 NP535 ultrabook sports the powerful AMD Dual-Core A6-4455M Accelerated Processor capable of clocking speed of up to 2.1 Ghz. CPU cache is 1 GB. The CPU coupled with the DDR3 RAM of 4 GB default (8 GB max) further strengthens the performance of this machine, delivering multi-tasking on a drop of a hat. Operating system is Windows 7 home premium 64-bit version. It comes with an inbuilt camera of 1.3 Mp, as well.

Multimedia of this ultrabook is a highlight. With 4W Stereo Speaker (2W x 2) and SoundWave technology, it will take your multimedia experience to a level above.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t possess a SSD cache drive, this shoots up time to boot which is not a good thing to have in modern day ultrabooks. Although, it will be fair to say that; AMD enthusiasts will be a bit disappointed with the fact that this ultrabook is not at par with its competitors in terms of performance.


This brings me to a funny fact, the trademark “Ultrabook” is globally held by Intel so commercially it can’t be called an ultrabook even though it’s in the same league.

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Samsung Series 5 NP535 ultrabook comes with most of the industry standard connectivity options integrated by default. Some of them include wireless LAN operating at 802.11 a/b/g/n. It has the latest Bluetooth version i.e, 4.0. It also has Gigabit LAN connection, which makes it, fiber internet ready.

Apart from 3 USB 3.0 ports & 2 USB 2.0 ports for external media it also has a 4- in-1 (SD/ SDHC/ SDXC/ MMC) card reading capability. Speaking of media, the internal storage comes with 500 GB with 5400 rpm.

HDMI is supported by default, but VGA is not. For VGA, you need to purchase a dongle separately. It’s one of the most efficient and flexible options when it comes to interfacing with different media sources.


Samsung Series 5 NP535 ultrabook comes with 40W AC adapter to power up the Li-Po battery. The battery has 4-cells. The mAh is measured to be at 6100 mAh. Samsung says that a fully charged battery can operate for 45 hours, which is not, at par with other ultrabooks around.


Practically, intense use of the ultrabook can get you maximum 5 hours of continuous usage. This ultrabook has the unique feature of sleep and charge which optimizes the charging of the battery saving your time.

Samsung Series 5 NP535 Price & Availability

You need to shell out approximately $699 for 13.3 “version and $849 for 14” version of this powerful ultrabook as quoted on the official Samsung website.


One should consider this ultrabook if they are AMD fans and can’t do without it. The screen and performance are unquestionably the USP of Samsung Series 5 NP535 ultrabook. However, in this price range, there are better options available in the market.