Sauna Weight Loss: Unveiling The Untold Benefits

The first ever use of sauna is attributed to the masses of Finland, who used this technique for more than a thousand years for purposes of detoxification, relaxation and other health purposes. However, today we have accepted the use of sauna for weight loss, and it has been included in gyms and health spas to accelerate weight loss.  sauna weight loss

However, if you go by science, there are no direct sauna weight loss benefits, as it is impossible to melt off fat simply by sweating. Sitting in the sauna room makes you sweat, which is mistaken for a method of losing weight. But sauna does play an indirect role in weight loss – it relieves stress, which makes it easier to maintain healthy eating practices, and gives you a new way of life.

Ways To Loss Weight With Sauna

Weight Loss vs. Fluid Loss

As you sweat, you do not lose fat – you only lose fluid from the word. To be more direct, your body becomes dehydrated as you start losing weight. The weight lost from the body as a result of dehydration tends to come back immediately after drinking water or other fluids. Do not be reluctant to drink fluids only to keep your weight off; dehydration is very unhealthy. Excessive dehydration will make you weak and leave you drained out; prolonged dehydration can even prove to be fatal.

Sweating due to sauna not only releases water from the body, but it also releases excessive salt. Excess salt causes fluid retention below the skin, thereby, obscuring muscle definition. Sloughing off that fluid will not only make you leaner, but also make you feel nice and fit. This could also be an additional benefit of sauna weight loss – your build a leaner and toned body.

Muscle Relaxation

Muscle Relaxation

Sauna allows your muscles to relax, thus creating an overall relaxing flora. This helps in soothing and loosening your sore and tight muscles and promotes a stress-free mind.

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Word of Caution

Before going for a sauna session you must drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. Do not mix sauna with drugs or alcohol, as it will interfere with the ability of your body to handle the high head and reduced blood pressure level. Your time for sauna should be limited to 15 minutes, not more, especially during the first 5 to 7 sessions. Increase the time gradually over a few sessions.

Sauna is not meant for pregnant women. No matter how much weight you have gained in pregnancy, saunas are a strict no-no for you.Sauna is definitely an effective method for boosting your metabolism, but only when you are cautious and aware of the other aspects of using sauna as a slimming tool.

It is not the quickest method of losing weight, and is just a misconception amongst people. There is no way to lose weight quickly as the process is gradual. Control your diet, answer to your hunger pangs, sleep well and reduce stress. By doing so, you’re not only doing yourself a favour, but in turn giving your body the much needed rest as well.