Seven Golden Rules To Make a Date Successful

make a date successful If you are new in the game of dating and want to be successful then you need to work hard for it.May be you already know the basics of dating rules that you always have to pose like a gentleman (whether you are or not!), need to have a good sense of humor, you have to give her complements, you cannot be late (though she loves to keep you waiting).

But that’s not all. If you want to win the game then you need to follow some sure shot rules which will lead you to a successful relationship. Not only for dating, these thumb rules are applicable to all relationships. So, here we present some hard and fast basics of dating to make it more interesting and successful for you.

Never Be Easily Available

Do not make yourself easily available. Keep the fires of attraction always burning. May be you are dying to ask the girl out on a date. But check yourself if she is only marginally interested. Give it some time and if she is really interested then she will give you some positive sign. Until then all you can do is only wait and watch.

Do not pursue the girl madly if she constantly turns you down. You cannot change the situation by begging to her. After hearing ‘no’ from her, do not try to convince her by sending tons of flowers, mails and greetings. By doing such things you will make yourself a laughing stock and nothing else.

So, try to read the signs and if you feel that the girl is simply not interested then it is better to keep going and try your luck somewhere else.

Never Forget Who You Are

Do not lose self control while you are on a date. No doubt you need to impress the girl but that does not necessarily mean that you have to act like someone else. Never forget your real self.

You really do not need to lie or exaggerate about yourself or about any other aspect of your life. Let the girl know what you really. Do not pretend to be someone different than your real self. A simple lie at the beginning of the relationship can ruin the whole thing in the long run.

Again, if it is a first date then try to highlight the positive sides of your life. Discussing negative things like how bad your boss is or how your landlord keeps disturbing you only generate negative vibes. Enjoy the moments in lighter notes and act positively without thinking about the bitterness of life.

Communication is the Key

Dating gives you the opportunity to choose your potential partner. So, try to communicate as much as possible.  Without proper communication you cannot make a date successful. Let her know how you feel about her. Talk to her about her likes and dislikes, her family, her job, her surroundings and also tell her about yourself. Try to maintain eye contact. It is a good gesture and shows the warmth of your heart.

Listen to her carefully. Single women prefer those men who listen carefully. And never forget to follow up by sending greetings or a phone call. The girl will be fascinated by your good gesture. But remember that you should never try to over- communicate. It can ruin the whole thing.

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Communication is not only the key of a healthy relationship but it also gives a positive signal to the woman that you are concerned about her. If she reciprocates then there are great possibilities of having a successful date.

Brush Up Your Manners

Your curtsey and manners are your best weapons to make a healthy and strong relationship. Never be rude to the girl or any other person while you are with her. Don’t be drunk or use bad languages. Women always like to be treated with respect and care. Bring a bouquet of flowers or a small beautiful gift for her.

These small gestures will create a permanent good impression about you. Always try to be chivalrous while in a date. Open the door of the car for her, hold her hand and help her to come out, open the door of the restaurant and let her go first, pull out the chair for her, drop her home. Remember that women love to be protected by their men. May be it is an old fashioned idea but most of the women really want that. Your manners and respect for her will lead you to the road of success.

Never Check Out Other Women

Do not check out other women when you are with your date. It is the worst thing and creates a very bad impression about you. Your partner may walk out if she realizes that you are distracted.

Concentrate only on your partner. Also avoid long talks over cell phone or checking out the wait stuffs. Your eyes and mind should be only on her and nowhere else. If you eye up other women then your date may think that you are not dedicated to the relationship or you do not like her any more. So, you should be focused solely on your partner.

Have Fun on Date

Try to make you date an event full with fun and enjoyment. You may go to the floor and dance. Women love to dance and it is romantic too. Plan ahead and try to know about her choices. Plan everything according to both of yours choices. An enjoyable and eventful first date will ensure the success the upcoming dates.

Do Not discuss or Expect Sex on First Few Dates

Never expects sex on a first date. Even not in first few dates. You should not discuss it at all on the early stage of the relationship. On first few dates you should only try to make a strong bond and love for each other. Do not show that it is sex that all you want. It will only create a very bad impression.

So, here are our seven hard and fast golden rules for dating. Then what are you looking for? Just go and try your luck!