Sex Positions With The Woman On Top

Sex Positions With The Woman On Top Sex is one of the most fantastic experiences an adult man or woman can have. Sex is passion that gets set through emotion and is driven by the desires of the libido. You can get as imaginative you want to with sex and give way to your various fantasies with your partner by thinking creative ways in which you can have sex.

Various notable positions have been tried throughout the ages to enjoy sex in the most pleasurable ways. The book of Kama sutra from ancient India brings to you a plethora of sexual positions that are worth trying. Sexual positions and choices also depend upon personal preference and the chemistry and compatibility between the couple.

Benefits of Woman On Top Sex positions

You can have sex through different positions to suit you and your partner’s fantasies and level of desires. Each position has its own set of advantages for which it has been practiced throughout the ages. Woman on top sex positions make the man feel relaxed and enjoy the joys the woman is going to shower upon him by giving her complete freedom.

Woman on top sex positions The woman is in control and sits on top of the man as he gets a full view of the woman.  The woman can begin by gently giving the man a sensual massage on his torso or back. If you are feeling tired but your lady is in a naughty mood then woman on top positions are best for you. You can enjoy the bliss while she does all the work and enjoys as well while doing it.

lady is in a naughty mood The man gets an erection easily as the woman keeps thrusting him from above while his hands are free to play with the woman’s breasts and caress her neck and face. Both the man and woman get most pleasure in these types of sex positions. The woman can take pleasure for all the parts of her vagina by going down hard or by gently moving to and fro.

She can actually guide the penis to reach her G-spot to give her an orgasm. The woman can get stimulated both on the clitoris and the vagina by positioning in different ways on the man.

penis to reach her G-spot

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Some Exciting Woman On Top Sex Positions

Apart from the simple woman on top of the man there can be a number of variations to this type of position as the woman can sit or ride the man in different ways to receive and give the most enjoyment. She may take the love seat position where she sits with her back towards you on your penis and her legs remain together little raised in between your raised legs while her arms can take the support by placing them behind her on your torso. You need to keep your back raised as well by positioning against two pillows to form a seat for her.

man as he gets a full view of the woman

The love seat position can be slightly changed where you will lie straight on your back and she sits on your penis with full thrust. She can vary this position by sitting on her knees and doing the same action when you hold around her thighs.

Sitting on top of you she can vary her positions by changing the angles to stimulate various parts of her vagina and clitoris. She may recline back, bend on you or even lie down on you completely to make deep love together.