Sex Tips For First Time Sex


Sex Tips For First Time Sex Everything has a first time and there is no reason to feel shy to find out how first time sex should be. There is all the more reason that you should learn about the various aspects of first time sex before taking the actual plunge as information from friends can often be misleading.

You may go through mixed feelings like excitement, tension and more than anything else anxiety like what to expect before experiencing sex for the first time. To make your journey easier and more pleasurable there are certain essential tips available for first time sex.

Certain Essential Things to Consider for First Time Sex

Sex protection is an important thing to consider and understand which becomes essential from the very first time you are going to have sex. Sex is an adventure and the more you experience the more expert you become.However, safe sex is mandatory to make this enjoyment last forever and avoid any risks of sexually transmitted diseases, infections or making a woman pregnant when you don’t intend to.

Certain Essential Things to Consider for First Time Sex Always use a condom and when you are going to do first time sex it is even more important for you to be careful. It’s better to know your girl for sometime before going for sex for the first time. This can help you in many ways to avoid complications and make your first time sex experience memorable and pleasurable.

sex for the first time Another important consideration for men who are going to have first time sex is that it may take a while and some effort on your part to master sex. Sex is an art and just on the first night you shouldn’t expect to perform in an experienced manner.

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Indulge in foreplay first to understand the female body rather than taking an immediate plunge to penetrate. The foreplay will prepare both you and your partner both mentally and physically which will assist in having sex eventually. The female vagina needs to be well lubricated before you try to penetrate or else it will be a discomforting experience for both of you. If your partner isn’t lubricated enough you can try using a lubricant.

First Time Sex Tips

The first step towards your first time sex experience is to feel confident and drive away any fear of failure. Keep your mind open to accept whatever happens and convince yourself that with experience your sexual act will definitely get better. There is always a first time for everybody and you are not alone.

First Time Sex Tips Men are very much obsessed about the size of their penis. You should understand that more than size it’s your passion that ignites the sexual pleasure in you and your partner. Sex is unique for every individual and there is no right or wrong regarding sexual positions or techniques. Therefore, follow your heart rather than following others experiences. Relax before having sex by practicing deep breathing. Being tensed can obstruct an erection. Try to enjoy sex and hold back your ejaculation for a longer time. These will ensure pleasure for you and your partner for longer time. Initially it may be difficult but with time you will master it.