Shaving Tips For Men

‘Shaving Rash’ or  ‘Razor burn’ is a very common problem for men causing skin irritation, redness and ingrown hair. There are several causes of it. Usage of strong chemical based shaving products, blunt razor and wrong shaving techniques are the primary reasons behind it. Shaving causes a lot of damage to the skin.

Some simple ‘shaving tips’ can prevent occurrence of ‘shaving rash’. Shaving regime can be divided in three basic steps namely Pre-shave, Shave and Post-shave. Skin and hair need to be prepared for shaving.

Shaving Tips For Men

Shaving Tips For men


Beard hair is very thick and shaving removes a thin layer of the skin. It is very important to protect the skin from razor. Application of pre-shave oil forms a protective layer on the skin. Pre-shave oil softens the hair and it gives a close shave without causing any discomfort. Pre-shave oil often is a non-greasy formula which doesn’t clog the razor.


Shaving cream or gel should be alcohol, Parabens and SLES or SLS free. Parabens are preservative used in cosmetics and skin care products. SLS and SLES are detergents used in shampoo, shaving cream, gel, soap and other products to produce lather. Both parabens and SLS cause ‘skin irritation’.

Shaving cream or gel acts as lubrication and prevents razor drag. It makes shaving easier and comfortable. Shaving cream can be used with fingers or shaving brush. Badger brush is very good for shaving because Badger hair is the only water retaining animal hair.

Shaving Tips For Men

It exfoliates the skin and lifts the hair which helps in closer shave. Badger brush easily lasts for over 7 years with proper care. It needs to be used in circular motion to gently lift the hair and exfoliate the skin.  Go with the grain or shave in direction of the hair growth prevents ‘shaving rash’.

Shaving in opposite direction may give a close shave however it leads to ingrown hair and razor drag. Shorter strokes prevent razor drag. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth and shorter strokes give a close shave without causing damage to the skin.

Post Shave 

Skin needs to be protected and hydrated after shaving. A good after lotion or balm soothes the skin. After shave balm or lotion is used to heal and hydrate the skin. It prevents redness of the skin as well. Post-shave balm or lotion should be alcohol free. Alcohol dries the skin and causes skin irritation.

Shaving Tips For Men

Alum block can be used instead of after shave balm or lotion. Alum block closes the pores, stops bleeding if there is a nick or cut and improves the texture of the skin.   Shave should be done after the shower becauase warm water open the pores, softens the hair and prepares the skin for close shave. It prevents the ingrown hair as well.

Proper shaving prevents dark shadow or 5 o’clock shadow on the face. It is important to change the razor frequently to prevent the razor drag. Razor should be changed as soon as extra pressure is required to shave. People with dry or sensitive skin condition should use fragrance free and natural shaving products for close and comfortable shave.

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