Side Effects Of Tamiflu

Side Effects Of Tamiflu Tamiflu is the name given to a certain medicine which is used to counter the symptoms of influenza. This medicine is also very effective in preventing the occurrence of influenza. This makes it exceptionally beneficial for those who come in regular contact with people who are suffering from this condition.

Oseltamivir is the name of the key drug present in Tamiflu capsules. This drug is very effective in its action against viruses which are responsible for causing influenza. It acts on the problem-causing viruses within a very short span of time. Oseltamivir is able to prevent these viruses from increasing and spreading. This is helpful in slowing down the progression of the viral infection.

As a result of this, the patient gets a great deal of relief. Although this drug is extremely effective and can be used even in treating children, there are several serious side-effects which are associated with it. It is important to be aware of these side-effects before using Tamiflu in the form of capsules or syrup.

Main Side Effects Of Tamiflu

Mood Swings And Mental Confusion

Mood swings are one of the most common side-effects associated with Tamiflu. A person consuming Tamiflu might become irritable and highly emotional. Such a person becomes extremely happy for no apparent reason. This joyousness is often followed by a feeling of gloom and despair. The patient seems to switch between these two extreme moods.

It is important to be vigilant if a family member exhibits such abnormal behaviour. It is necessary to seek the advice of a medical practitioner regarding the continuation of Tamiflu medication. Apart from mood swings, Tamiflu is also able to cause mental confusion.

The patient might experience difficulty while making a decision and this can be very exasperating. Tamiflu can cause the patient to experience confusion even while engaging in an ordinary conversation as this drug affects the brain cells of the person.

Kidney Problems

The only way Tamiflu can be thrown out of the body is through the urine. This means that Tamiflu must pass through the kidneys of the person. There are several people around the world who suffer from kidney disorders. When such people consume Tamiflu, the kidneys are unable to filter out and discard the drug. This causes severe problems in the kidneys and the doctors then need to lessen the dosage of Tamiflu.


This symptom is more common in children than in adults. Tamiflu affects the digestion and triggers the feeling of nausea. In many cases, this feeling of nausea is often accompanied by diarrhoea.

This causes dehydration and weakness. The person becomes too weak to do anything and requires bed rest. Such patients require oral rehydration solutions in order to counter the dehydration. It is important to discontinue Tamiflu as soon as such symptoms are noticed. This will help to prevent severe weakness in the body.

Breathing Disorders

There have been several cases where people have developed breathing difficulties as a result of consuming Tamiflu. Asthma is one common ailment which can take place due to the consumption of this drug. In certain rare cases, the patient can also develop bronchitis or allergies due to this drug.

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