Signs Of An Overprotective Boyfriend

Signs Of An Overprotective Boyfriend It is good to be protective of your girlfriend, but remember, no girl would acknowledge an overprotective boyfriend. Every female feels that an overprotective boyfriend is a serious issue and thus as a boyfriend you should know several signs of an overprotective boyfriend and try not to be that way.

There is a basic difference between being romantic and being obsessed. There is also a difference between being caring and being possessive. If you understand the difference, you will never put your relationship in a threat.


Just Keep an Eye on The Signs Given Below so as to Save Your Relationship:

Whenever your girl goes out with friends you become insecure. This is an alarming sign of being an overprotective boyfriend. To attain security you would want to call her and confirm as to where she is. Initially your girl would love your concern towards her. But if this happens repeatedly she would surely get irritated. Your insecurities would make you overprotective which can add poison to a sweet relationship.

poison to a sweet relationship.

If you feel that you should be the only person in her life and there should be no one else to give her the same kind of happiness, then such an attitude can surely land you in trouble some day. Remember, even before you entered her life she had a family, friends and colleagues. How can you forget that even she has a personal life and she should get some space for her own stuff? It is terrible if you want her attention and time almost all the time. Such an attitude can upset her and may be she would decide to move on some day.

If you are overly sensitive and become emotional at even small things then may be she would not want to discuss everything with you.  This would surely hurt your ego and you will tend to become more obsessed and overly protective of her. This is something that would hurt you as well as your girl. You should be open minded and let her be on her own sometimes. A relationship that thrives in suffocation can not last for a longer duration.

overly protective

Some of the Statements That an Overprotective Boyfriend Would use in Conversation:

I love you and I care for you and so you should tell me whenever you go out.
I need to be informed about what you are doing.
I really want to be with you all the time and you should feel the same for me.
Are you avoiding me?
Who are you with?
Why you did not pick up my phone?
You don’t love me anymore.
I am feeling jealous.
You should do as I say because I really care for you.
I hate when you give your time to others.
I want commitment from you.

Overprotective Boyfriend As a boyfriend you should have trust in your girlfriend. This is the basic foundation of every relationship. If you train your mind to trust, it will. You just need to change your attitude so as to have a blooming and long lasting relationship with your girl.