Simple Neck Exercises For Men

Neck Exercises Many people remain glued to their computers these days. The load of the work and the dreadful deadlines take away the joy from the work. Sitting in front of the computer for hours together, can potentially be a big risk in the long run. What one needs is some exercise both for the back as well as the neck.

If you go through the correct neck exercises, it will help give enough strength to your spinal column and in turn prevent back injuries as well. These neck exercises are really simple and you can do them when you take a break during your work.

Different Types Of Neck Exercises For Men

Neck stretches

Neck Exercises

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One of the most important neck exercises happens to be the neck stretches. It gives more flexibility to your neck muscles. The joints of the neck work better after stretching is performed.

Sit upright and look directly straight with a steady head. Let your left hand hold the back of the head. Exhale and slowly push your head down so that the chin touches the chest. Remain in the position as long as you feel comfortable. Repeat the same process with the right hand.

Neck rolls

The neck rolls coupled with the shoulder movements loosen the stretched muscles. If you have been in the same stationary position for a long time, this workout should easily help you out.

Stand up or sit in a comfortable posture and let the arms hang down. Touch both the inside corners of the shoulders simultaneously. Now bend the chin in the chest direction. Roll the neck to the left, which will make a full rotation. Do not make haste when doing any movement at all.

Neck Rotations

Neck Exercises

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The neck rotations are a bit different from neck rolls. In neck rotations, your neck moves in 3600. Stand upright and look straight. Now turn your head towards the right. As you turn right, look in the direction. Keep moving your head until the chin touches the chest.

Look down when you are in this position. Keep moving your neck to the left as you look leftwards. Finally, bring yourself in the original position. Repeat for 8 to 10 times. Perform the same rotation starting from the left side.

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When you have limited motion to carry out, the isometrics muscle contraction is great. Place the left hand on the back of the head. Take a deep breath and move your head to the back. Do not tilt your head, but in fact, you have to push the chin back. Use your hand to resist. This will prevent the movement of the head. Remain in the same position as long as you can resist. Exhale and then relax. Now repeat the entire process with the right hand.

Make a habit of these workouts through your exercise routine. Your neck muscles will feel relaxed and a lot lighter once you start practicing these neck exercises. Once you get used to them, you will feel much lighter even after a lengthy working session.

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