Sinn 556 Watch Review

As in Switzerland, in Germany also there are some renowned manufacturers of watches. Sinn for example, who are based in Frankfurt, are one of the leading manufacturers of some of the specialized watches being used by firefighters, pilots, commandos, divers etc.

The watches used by these personnel should be such that it should be rugged built, capable of withstanding heavy vibrations, should be shock proof, water proof and should also be able to withstand sudden changes in temperature.

All these requirements are met with in the Sinn watches. Sinn are the field of manufacturing mechanical watches since about four decades and during these forty years, they have mastered the science of horology and now they are able to compete with some of the giants in the Horology trade.

Brief History of Sinn:

Mr.Sinn who had aviation experience decided to bring out watch for the Aviation community. He wanted to build watches that would function effectively even under adverse conditions and this vision of Sinn, prompted the company to bring out Sinn 556 watches. The company sells about 10000 watches every year. The company does not permit the watch to be sold by any unauthorized persons. As a matter of fact, Sinn watches are sold only through authorized dealers throughout the world.

Sinn 556 Watch

Sinn have brought out special model watch called the Sinn 556. This model watches are manufactured exclusively for the pilots. Those who look at this Sinn 566 model watches are just mesmerized by its design. Now, the Sinn watches are so popular that it does not require any introduction and this is particularly true with Sinn 556. Beautiful dial, Hour, minute and seconds hand, sturdy look are some of the many other features of Sinn 556.

Features Of Sinn 556

Sinn 566 is water resistant up to about 200 meters. The watch is filled with Argon gas so that it prevents humidity inside the watch. This unique feature is not found in any other watches.

Sinn 556 Watch Review

The upper layer of the watch is hardened by using what is known as ’tegiment technology’ and therefore the watch is much more scratch proof than other watches with stainless steel case. The dial and the writing on the dial are so crystal clear that one can simply read without any difficulty.

Sturdy and Elegant

The watch is scratch proof and shock proof too. It can even withstand the drop in the aircrafts cabin pressure. The watch is ruggedly built. The stainless steel case is made up of surgical steel with satin finish and therefore the case looks most elegant compared to other watches of its class.

sinn 556

The dial is Sapphire Crystal which looks extremely elegant. Some compare the Sinn 556 to diesel Mercedes taxi which is built to go on and on relentlessly. Similarly even Sinn 556 is so ruggedly built that it works efficiently for many, many years without any hitch.

Although limited designs are available in 556 models, even those who are not pilots are buying this watch because of its performance. The watch is reasonably priced and every watch is backed by the warranty of the unfailing Sinn technology.