Six Simple Steps To Make Women Want You

The usual convention is that men desire women, court them, pursue them and want them. Men deem a number of women as attractive and desirable. But women are more fastidious in their choice. Very few men are able to garner female attention, and even fewer, continued popularity amongst females. Most of the men languish in the penumbra of female interest.
What is it that makes women go weak in the knees for those few men? The answer to that frequently asked and infrequently answered question is – a personality genereously garnished with sex appeal and X-factor and an attitude that is a judicious blend of ignorance, indifference and interest.

Six Simple Steps To Make Women Want You

 Some men are naturally appealing to women on the aforementioned counts. They have a lot of instintive ability with respect to exactly what kind of attitude would floor what kind of woman. While such charisma is most effective when natural, many men learn to develop desirable personalities by observation and experience. And rest assured, such acquired charm does not fall flat on women’s heart at all. Here are some tips and tricks that would help you make the women you want, want you instead!

How To Get Women To Want You

Identify Your Niche

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is striving for unanimous and universal female popularity. That, in itself, is a myth. No man can be simultaneously desired by all types of women. Some women like sensitive men, some prefer hardcore machismo; some enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations while others only wish for a guy with a sense of humor.

Identify the type of women you like – the type of women you wish to attract. You could have a penchant for the intellectual and artsy sort of women or you could be attracted to the bold and raucuous. If you do not discover your niche and proceed aimlessly towards popularity –chances are aplenty that the women who get attracted to you do not invite your interest at all! Hence, first and foremost, recognize your niche and work on yourself keeping it in mind.

Create A Unique Style

A different dressing style and a unique haircut immediately add a pinch of spice to your personality and guarantee immediate attention. Think, mix, match and mash to create your own unique style statement. Do not rip off styles from fashion magazines as they are as it may lead to being unpleasantly labelled “copycat”.

Six Simple Steps To Make Women Want You

Also, most importantly, do not attempt to copy or look similar to the already established male icons in your social circles. That would invite a lot of leg-pulling and smirking and absolutely no success with the ladies. Rather than being influenced by others, be inspired to create your own unique style, of course, depending upon your niche.

If it is the cerebral beauty that you’re going after, a minimalistically sexy look is what you should go for. You could probably combine your look with a stubble, or spectacles or rugged jeans, etc. If it is the involuntary seductress you’re after – go for the latest fiesty fashion trends.

You could even opt for professional assistance to tailor your look to your specific needs. However, in an attempt to please the opposite sex, do not deviate from individualistic desires. Your appearance reflects your inner person – and any attempt to fabricate a look that is not congruent with your personality will backfire as you will not be comfortable carrying it off.

Perfect Your Flirting Technique

Continuously paying a woman compliments or hovering around her is hardly flirting. Many men are mistaken in the belief that merely paying attention to women will win them. As a matter of fact, most women privately consider this “head over heels in love with you” attitude of their admirers as ridiculous and laughable!

Flirting is more of a skill than just that. One has to know precisely when to show interest and flatter a woman, and when to ignore her make her hunger for your attention. Perfect your flirting technique in this regard. Learn to strike a balance of attitude and keep women on their toes!

Be Yourself

Do not attempt to fake your feelings and attitudes. Women have an inherent and instinctive insight and they can tell the genuine apart from the fake in a jiffy. It is always best to remain natural and unpretentious. There is no better attraction for a woman than a man who is not only comfortable in his own skin, but also graceful and proud of himself.

Six Simple Steps To Make Women Want You

If you try to emulate others or mould yourself completely according to stereotypical “cool” definitions, you run the risk of being labelled anything ranging from unorginal to phony to under-confident. Hence, throw fake facades to the wind and indulge in and improve upon what you are in actuality.

Do Not Turn After Women

A major roadblock when you’re aiming to make women want you will be publicly running after women or pursuing them. A little bit of high-handedness keeps women eagerly interested in you. Even if you like a person, it is best to reveal your feelings gradually and in the later stages. Women are more attracted to men who do not hover around them and try to please them all the time. You need to have just the right amount of attitude and you shall have all the heads turning soon enough, then!

Be Chivalrous

Every woman dreams of her chivalrous and gallant Prince Charming. Men who pay attention to small details like holding out the seat at the restaurant, assisting women with their bags while on shopping trips, etc make women feel warm and naturally attract them.

A chivalrous and caring man is to every woman’s taste. Hence, it is important to hone your skills in this respect. Observe and inculcate the basic etiquettes, and train yourself to be intuitively chivalrous. Also, never be dissuaded when women refuse your help once.

Continued insistence on such helpful attitude will not only invite gratefulness, but also admiration and interest. Combine the above mentioned guidelines with your own exclusive personality, an inimitable style, a good sense of humor and a pleasant disposition and bask in the female attention that is bound to follow thereafter!