Skin Care Tips for Men

Skin Care Tips for Men Everybody wants to look good and why not? Skin care is necessary for all of us. But sadly skin care for most of the men is nothing beyond that shaving. But men should also maintain particular skin care hygiene.

Men have larger pores than women that means more dust and more need to cleanse. In fact men do harder work so they need good skin care techniques. Their daily routine includes more of staying out. There are many factors that affect their skin like sun, pollution and dust etc.

Skin Care Tips To Look Younger

Keep Your Skin Clean

You should keep your skin clean. Always wash your face after coming back from work or before sleeping. This will help in reducing germs from your skin and the excessive oil will also be removed. Cleanse your face according to your skin type. Check first whether you have oily skin or dry skin and then wash your face accordingly. If you have more dry skin then wash your face once a day.

Watch What you Eat

You should always keep a check on whatever you eat. Stop eating more of sweet and oily products. More of oily products will make your skin oily. And more of oily skin means more of acne problem.

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So eat more of fiber and vitamin products. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This will hydrate your skin and prevent your skin from getting oily.

Shaving Products

Choose your shaving products wisely. If your skin is dry choose the cream and after shaving lotion wisely. Do not use a product that has harsh chemicals.

Spa Treatment

Once in a month or two months get yourself treated at a spa. Pamper yourself and get a massage done on your face. This will treat so many problems of your skin and prevent many problems to attack again.


mens exercises

Make your exercise routine and exercise daily. More sweating means more impurities getting removed from your skin. Your escalated heart beat means your blood flow increases and that will help your skin glow. And this will also help in burning the extra fat of your body.

Manage Stress

You need to manage your stress levels and need to stay happy if you want to look young and healthy. A stressful face looks dull and invites so many other problems.


Sunscreen for men

Always use a sunscreen with SPF 15 as sun can harm your skin badly. Make this your practice and always carry a good sunscreen and use it twice a day if you need to go out frequently.

A Good Nap

Sleep atleast eight hours a day as good sleep will freshen your mind and body and you will feel light. Do not compromise with your sleep as it will make your system upset.

Use Mild Soap

Always use mild soap and mild face wash to cleanse your face as hard soaps will harm your skin more and also could damage the skin.

Deep Cleanse

Cleanse your face with warm water once a week. It will cleanse dust from your pores as well. If you do it regularly ten you will for sure notice a good change in your skin.



Always use a good moisturizer on your face. Either use it before going to sleep or during mornings. Moisturizer will help your body and skin to retain moisture and help it glowing.

Facial Masks

Use facial masks once a while on your face to have a glowing skin. Use various masks according to your skin type. This will give you a soothing effect also.

So, these tips will help you make your skin good and make it problem free. Invest some time into applying these simple methods and you will for sure notice many changes.