Smart Pair Of Shoes For Men

smart pair of shoes A good pair of shoes gives a perfect finishing touch to every look. A carefully chosen set of footwear can actually make all the difference to what a man ends up looking like. Many times, men find themselves clueless regarding the shoes they should pick which would accentuate the essence of a particular outfit. Be it a party, a regular day at office, a hang out or any other occasion, a well thought of footwear gives one an edge.

So, if you don’t intend to disappoint your lady or any lady, for that matter, with your choice of footwear, add in your cabinet at least a few out of the wide variety of shoes mentioned below.

Look Smart With Men’s Shoes

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are one of the most popular casual sneakers these days with men sporting them at almost all type of informal events.

canvas shoes

Although introduced as sporting shoes especially for Tennis, now-a-days, canvas shoes are highly preferred by men of all ages. Generally made of rubber, they are light as a feather and extremely comfortable. Canvas shoes are available in a wide range of colours and many urbane patterns.


Boots are indeed the ultimate footwear for men. There is no type of shoe which flatters a man’s personality as good as boots. Be it the normal size or ankle-length, leather boots can make any man look smart, stylish and suave. Usually, boots are teamed up with formal ensembles such as suits, dinner jackets or even a pair of trousers worn with a crisp shirt.


Moccasins are a type of flat shoes which do not have laces to be tied. They are characterized with an extended and more prominent tongue.


The U shaped shoes have a soft texture as they are generally made of deer skin. The smart looking shoes facilitate driving to a great extent owing to their structure and the shape of the sole.


A Blucher is an open lacing type of shoe which can look like any other ordinary leather shoe to a lay man but anyone with an eye for shoes can easily identify bluchers due to its exquisite lacing. The laces of these glamorous shoes are to be fastened on two superimposed leather flaps at the vamp. This dainty lacing grants a unique and admirable appeal to these shoes.


As the name suggests, these are the shoes which are without laces and need to be slipped into. Loafers are a popular category of shoes which come under Slip-ons.

Slip Ons

These can be availed in a cloth texture or even in leather. Slightly heeled leather slip-ons cast a good impression when worn with formals while flat soled ones can be teamed up with nonchalant clothing.

Sports Shoes

Any lad who likes to dress up in a funky, athletic and casual manner should without a doubt turn to sports shoes. Superb in comfort, top-notch in style and brilliant in looks, sports shoes are a perfect choice for guys dressed in a cool t-shirt and swanky lowers boasting of a body to die for. Athletic shoes are the footwear to slip your feet into before work out sessions as well.

Monk –Straps

Monk-straps are the shoes which are buckled up or strapped up instead of tied. The buckles or straps are fastened at one side of the shoe making them look like the male counterpart of female school shoes.

Monk –straps

Super classy and macho, monk-strap shoes are a perfect blend of style and looks which can be easily carried off by men on formals or semi-formals. Men looking for an extra edge can go for shoes which are a little pointed at the toe while the usual U-shaped footwear is also no less than a rage among men.

Saddle Shoes

Contrary to the monochromatic and sophisticated patterns used in most of the men’s footwear, saddle shoes are the ones especially designed for guys who like being identified in a crowd. The double-shaded shoes are absolutely out-of-the-box and catch instant attention due to their super cool and vibrant appearance. Men can don saddle shoes with well fitted tee-shirts and pair of jeans and sashay in style.


Sandals are generally preferred for daily use by men who like to keep their feet in open instead of suffocating them in a pair of sneakers. There is a vast variety of sandals available in the market in different remarkable shapes.


Sandals can be matched to perfection with traditional attires as well as with funky casual wear delivering a sober yet cool fashion statement. They can be picked in any material from rubber to plastic along with the usual leather.


Cozy, trendy, airy, cool and tough are a few attributes which define floaters. Flooding the market in diverse shapes and designs, floaters indeed feature in the list of most purchased foot wears. They look great on casually dressed men like the ones in cargo pants, six pocketed pants, smart pyjamas and shorts.

Now that you have acquired a whole new level of insight into the wide range of shoes available, don’t forget to pick the ones which go by your style.