Some Basic Table Manners For Men

Table Manners For Men Where personality grooming and style is concerned, one thing that plays quite a significant role is table manners and etiquettes. Not only is it imperative to learn these manners for your good but also if you are looking forward to woo girls and show them your perfect gentleman image!

This will make you comfortable in the environment where you are attending dinner and also leave a lasting impression on your host. On the contrary, if you do not pay much heed to this topic it can have serious affects on your representation for years to come. Following socially acceptable behavior is something that the society expects from each and every person. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to know the guidelines and tips for the same.

Along with some healthy tips, common sense is something that will help you successfully manage any evening, whether it is a formal dinner or a party. Here is a simple guide that will make you aware about the simple tips and table manners that one should definitely follow. The dos and don’ts’ will leave quite a charming impression of you on your invitees.

Some Table Manner Dos and Don’ts’ for Men

The Body Language

One of the major and significant tips for table manners is to maintain a good body language and posture. Make sure you avoid slouching and sit straight while sitting on the table for dinner. Slouching will only give a very lame impression of your personality. Also, it shows the lack of confidence in a person. Posture is something that is very noticeable. Leaning is something that is a strict no-no where body language is concerned.

Keep your elbows to yourself and avoid keeping them on the table. The arms should be on your side. This is one tip that you should keep in mind if you want the evening to end successfully.

High Levels of Concentration on The Hosts

It is very important to give good attention to the ones who have invited you over. All you have to do is be a good observer and be aware of your surroundings. This table etiquette will help you in avoiding all kinds of embarrassment. A simple example of the same is to start eating when others do and not getting up from the table until the hosts have finished their meals. These are something that you should strictly follow.

Keywords that Create the Magic!

There are certain keywords that you should use the entire evening. This is a part of good table manners. Be generous with words like thank you, please and excuse me. Use them as often as possible to show your courteous side to your hosts. This will definitely leave a positive impression on them.

Foods that Should be Eaten with Hands

There are certain foods that do not require the usage of forks and spoons. This is one table etiquettes that a lot of us tend to miss out on! You will only make a fool out of yourself by using cutlery for something that doesn’t call for it.

Some of the food items that should be eaten with fingers include asparagus, fruits, berries, French fries, chips, burgers, finger appetizers and foods and sandwiches. Where bread it concerned the best way to eat it is by tearing and not by the use of a knife and fork. Keep your mind aware of how the food should be consumed or it could turn out to be a reason for discomfiture.

Basic Table Manners For Men

On the other hand the food that is supposed to be eaten with cutlery should be strictly followed. Use of forks and knifes play a significant role where table manners are concerned.

Chewing Habits

Some of the habits that are highly recommended when it comes to table manners are to chew the food slowly and with the mouth closed. Researches show that a lot of men have the habit of chewing while keeping the mouth open. This is a big turn off for the hosts! Small and single bites at a time will help you finish it faster. Don’t over fill your mouth with food.

Another healthy idea is to avoid talking while you have food in the mouth. This is tagged as a bad habit when it comes to table etiquettes. Don’t make noises while eating which can prove to be quite off-putting for others sitting with you.

The Food Should be Brought to The Mouth

People have a tendency to take their faces to the food by slouching. However, ideal table manners suggests in bringing the food to the mouth. Sitting straight is something that has already been mentioned here. So this will definitely make this tip as obvious fact.

Don’t spill and Keep your Section Clean

Spilling food is something that is not expected from a gentleman. Also, if you keep your section of the dining table clean and neat, people will be impressed to see it when you are done with dinner.

In case you face the situation where you want to spill out any food item, then it is recommended to do it without anyone noticing and in your napkin.

Opt for Small Servings

It is better to go for second helping while eating the food than wasting it. Leaving food on the plate can serve as an insult to the chef and is considered as rude behavior. Make sure you either take small helpings or average ones if you have a good appetite.

Importance of Appreciation and Consideration

Appreciate the food even if you didn’t like it much. This is something that one should definitely follow when someone invites them over. If you want any dish, then don’t try to take it yourself. It is best to ask someone to pass it over. This is where consideration comes into play.

The Art of Complimenting

Compliments will take you a long way in leaving that world class reputation on the hosts. There is no one is this world who doesn’t like being complimented. Make sure you leave a sincere compliment to the chef. Don’t overdo or it might sound false.

Follow these simple techniques and see how clearly it helps you in creating that a positive aura around your hosts.

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