Some Common Tips For Flirting

Flirting is one of the best aspects that add some spice to any relationship. Though flirting is something that is a stereotype in our society, healthy flirting is definitely acceptable and praised by all. It is however, very important to know the ways and the correct technique that makes flirting successful.

One of the best things to note here is that be it guys or girls, good form of flirting is a kind of attraction for all. This makes it even more tempting for the young generation to know what the concept of healthy flirting is and which tips will make them impress someone they like.

Don’t you forget that if you ignore the fact of healthy flirting it can lead to relationship catastrophe! Here is a very easy and simple guide that will help you get a knack of this new concept and make good use of it while socializing-

Tips For Healthy Flirting

Initiate The Conversation

One of the most effective tips for healthy flirting is to start a conversation with the one you like. Generally ‘hello or hi’ are some of the greatest ways to start with.

You can further take the conversation to the next level by asking any sort of questions or asking for help. In case you are clubbing, you can enhance the talks by asking them about the surroundings and the environment. Be careful as a mishap in this step can totally twist the entire situation.

The Motive Should be to Have Fun

Don’t be serious about anything. The approach should be that of a fun loving and light hearted person. This will make them feel better about your personality and the carefree nature. Spontaneity is one thing that healthy flirting calls for. Go ahead and include these keywords in your dictionary before you are planning to do some socializing and flirting. Maintaining a good level of vulnerability will also have that magical effect on your partner.

The Mesmerizing Effect of Smile

Smile is something that can never go wrong in any given situation. The same goes if you are aiming at some healthy flirting with someone you just saw in the club! A good smile will make them feel how friendly and comfortable you are with them and lead to healthy flattery.

Give some sexy signals

This is one tip that is especially for women where healthy flirting is concerned. Try and do playful things like fidgeting with the hair or the straw in your drink. These are some simple ways to attract the concentration of men to you. Make sure you don’t overdo it as it might turn out to be vulgar in extreme situations. This will also kill the concept of healthy flirting. Also, it might make the guy think that you are interested only in the sexual aspect.

The Art of Complimenting

Flattery is something that rarely someone won’t like. Be it a girl or a guy, complimenting always makes a person feel great about them. Throw sincere compliments when you are flirting. This will definitely have that illusionary effect on your date and allure them towards you. The secret lies in being honest about what you say.

Having a Positive Approach

Whether you follow all the tips mentioned in this guide, having a positive approach is something you can’t do without. Along with a light conversation make sure it’s free from all kinds of negativity. Keep yourself away from that emotional crap and only talk things that will not only make your partner happy but also give you a good level of satisfaction.

Common Tips For Flirting

Don’t overdo The Situation

Any form of flirting no matter how healthy it is, will never work out if you overdo the situation. It will finally end up making you look like a desperate and someone who is interested in sex. It might even make your partner feel that you are not genuine.

Showing Respect

Respect is one thing that is really imperative when it comes to flirting. Even if you might find yourself getting comfortable with the person immediately, it is very important to maintain some limits. Along with showing some respect it is also equally significant to be considerate about their opinions on the matters of discussion. It is quite possible that you have contradictory opinions about some issue. Rude and blunt statements should be totally avoided in such cases.

Keeping An Eye Contact

Eye contact with your partner will show the level of confidence you have when you approach them. Confidence is generally a ‘turn on’ factor for most people. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to give gentle looks. Understand the difference between glimpses and stare or else it might turn out to be a blunder. A natural way is what will really work and not making it up.

Keep a Check of Your Body Language

A good body language is something that flirting calls for. For example crossing hands to your chest is a sign that you aren’t interested or wants to stay aloof. Make sure you are aware of the way you sit and stand.


One of the factors that you really need to develop or enhance is attitude. It is very important to have a certain level of attitude if you are planning to approach someone you are attracted to. Nervousness won’t really help the situation.

Don’t slouch

Slouching is a big no-no if you are sitting with someone you like. Sit up straight and show the confidence that you have in yourself. Slouching is a lame thing to do and quite a turn off.

Being a Gentleman

This is a special tip that goes for all you men out there! Courtesy is something that will definitely flatter your lady. Women love men who are a gentleman. Pulling chairs and doors, giving them the chance to place an order and letting them lead the way are some of the ways to show courtesy. This tip will also make flirting successful.

Follow these simple tips and see how well you master the art of healthy flirting!