Some Healthy Foods Those Are Not Good For You

In your daily endeavor to remain fit and healthy you might be depending upon various foods that seem healthy and easy for you to fit snugly in the busy and fast lifestyle that you might be leading. The fact is even the foods that are claimed to be healthy may lose their health value the moment certain extra ingredients are added to make them tasty and acceptable to the customers. Healthy Foods Unhealthy

It is an unacceptable yet true fact that most healthy foods are not so tasty while the unhealthy foods are more appealing to the taste buds just because of being steeped in cream, sugar or other ingredients which are harmful to your health. For example, when you take a bowlful of healthy salad then of course you are indulging in healthy food but the moment you add salad dressings and cream then the same food becomes unhealthy.

What Makes Healthy Foods Unhealthy?

Adding Unhealthy Ingredients

Various healthy foods may not be tasty but in order to make them appealing we add sugar, cream or various other ingredients that may turn them unhealthy. You should realize that this way you eventually land up taking unhealthy foods and not healthy ones.Adding sugar to your black tea or coffee will definitely rob it of their positive effects. Similarly, various other foods which are masked with appealing exteriors like bran muffins can’t be healthy anymore as you are also taking in the fats and creams present in the muffin along with the bran you think to be healthy.

Processed And Packaged Foods

These are most harmful as the additives eventually rob the healthy foods from the essential nutrients and what remains are the trans fat, sweeteners, salt, colors, artificial flavors, chemicals and preservatives.

Processed And Packaged Foods

The nutrients that are contained in the healthy foods become far less in proportion to the unhealthy additives that are added to preserve these foods. The result is that the healthy food is now stripped off from most nutrients and steeped in preservatives thus becoming far more unhealthy choice.

Certain Healthy Foods Those Are Not Good For You

Cereal Bars, Energy Bars And Drinks

We feel most comfortable thinking that we are indulging in healthy foods as we pick up the cereal bars, energy bars and drinks with which we keep our refrigerators stuffed. These bars more than containing essential nutrients which are most highlighted for selling purpose actually are steeped in sugars and fats that negate the health values. The shot of energy that you receive is actually due to the excess calories that are packed within the energy bars and drinks. Therefore, in reality you get misled by the seemingly healthy foods which become more dangerous health hazards.

Trans Fat

Stick margarine, French fries, microwave popcorn, muffins and crispy crackers are steeped in trans fat which is extremely hazardous to your health. Trans fat has the potential to raise levels of bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol. Heart diseases and heart attacks are mainly due to the increased intakes of trans fat which is responsible for clogging arteries as well.

Canned Foods And Condiments

Modern life leaves us with lesser time for which we resort to canned vegetables and condiments to make our foods tasty. These have high levels of sodium in the form of salt which is essentially harmful to your health. Though salt is necessary for the body but higher levels definitely turn harmful.

Sugary Low Fiber Cereals And Refined Grains

refined grain Whole grains are most healthy but substituting the healthier versions with refined grains, white rice, white bread and sugary low fiber foods obviously become unhealthy options.

Foods Containing High Fructose Corn Syrup

Most drinks, muffins, whole wheat breads and hamburger buns contain high fructose corn syrup to create the mouth watering taste but actually causing dangerous health effects by reducing metabolism rate, instigating overeating and increasing risks of heart diseases and diabetes.

Fishes From Industrial Waste Areas And Oceans

Fishes From Industrial Waste Areas And Oceans Various fishes contain high levels of mercury and poison in the form of chemicals just because of being exposed to industrial wastes. It is better to opt for farmed fish if you wish to get the nutrients from fish.

Herbal Supplements

Most herbal supplements aren’t FDA approved and therefore not healthy as you may think.

Don’t Get Misled By The Labels

Don’t rely on multigrain labels but just select those that say whole grain. Multigrain doesn’t mean whole grain while low fat labels may also be misleading as these may contain high levels of sugar and therefore lot of calories.