Sony Unveils Xperia Sola Review

Even before parting off with Ericsson, the manufacturer has been delivering handsets that have been appreciated by masses. Now that Sony is sailing the ship alone, it has come up with a hit-and-high series of phones – Xperia. Recently, Sony has introduced their new phone in their Xperia range as Sola.

As compared to Xperia Ion and Xperia S, Sola has a little toned-down look. Let us have a look at some of the features of this new member of Xperia family.

Features of Sony Xperia Sola

The Hard Material

Xperia Sola features a 1 gigahertz dual-core processor that promises multitasking without any hiccups. The bright and crispy screen measures 3.7 inches and has a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The primary camera is sitting pretty nice with a decent measurement of 5 megapixels.

Sony Unveils Xperia Sola

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Strength of front-facing camera has not been revealed yet by the manufacturer. When it comes to the storage capacity of Sola, it manages to gulp in 8 gigabytes of data; however, the capacity can be increased via a microSD card. The phone can support up to 32 GB of microSD card.

The Software

Similar to all the family members, Xperia Sola will also run on Android. Sola would be available with Gingerbread version of Android with an upgrade to the next version (Ice Cream Sandwich) as soon as it hits the market.

Sony Unveils Xperia Sola review

Menu is typical to Sony, so are the sub-menus. The ones who have had their hands on any other Xperia member would not have any difficulty with maneuvering things.

Other Features

One of the major features that Sola has is its touchscreen that can be used without touching. Yes! Sola showcases “floating touch” feature that enables the user to navigate the things just by hovering fingers over the screen.

Xperia Sola has a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables users to transfer the data far more quickly, with just a tap of phones.

Sony Unveils Xperia Sola price

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The smartphone also features SmartTags support and Sony’s xLOUD audio technology that gives the users tremendous overall experience. SmartTags in Sola can be personalized with up to ten different commands according to users’ discretion.

Video quality that users will be able to experience on Sola will be top-notch. The Reality Display feature of this phone gives the user a completely new visual experience. The xLOUD technology will enhance the total movie-watching experience with its 3D effects, giving out loud, clear, and crisp sound.

The “floating touch” feature of Xperia Sola has a limited utility, though, as it could only be used with handset’s web browser. However, it is particularly good for people who are very concerned about scratching and smudging their handset screen. Nevertheless, this can be one feature that people will be looking forward to check.

Price and Availability

The Xperia Sola is set to be released in second quarter of 2012. Presently, there are no words relating to its exact price, but we expect it to be somewhere around Rs. 25,000. This much-awaited handset with floating touch technology will be seen in three colors – black, red, and white.