Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS Review

Sony Corp Japan has recently launched an Ultrabook for professionals in its T series called, Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS. This ultrabook from Sony has the size advantage due to an impeccable body design.

The first glance certainly impresses. In this review, let us get up and close with this offering from Sony.

Featured Of Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS Ultrabook


Sony is known to have introduced superior and path breaking designs in this industry. Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS is no different. This particular Ultrabook is remarkably thin and weighs only 3.54 lbs with internal battery plugged in. The overall dimensions that this ultrabook will sit on are 12.72″ (W) x 0.71″ (H) x 8.90″ (D). Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS is available in a single color option called “Silver Mist”.

Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS design

Overall, the design of this Ultrabook scores a praise worthy 9 out of10. The detailing is, indeed, thoughtful and strategically well done. Aluminum is used to enclose the internal mechanics, adding to the longevity quotient of the Ultrabook.

Screen & Display

Sony has left no stone unturned here. Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS comes along with a 13.3 inch screen coupled with LED HD display. The maximum resolution of this screen is 1366 x 768. The maximum resolution for VGS is 1920 x 1200 & for HDMI it stands at 1920 x 1080. Being a Sony product, this Ultrabook is phenomenal when it comes to displaying colours, and takes the vividness of the scene to a top notch level.

However, the brightness of the screen is criticized by many; it’s just not good enough! The screen comes with an anti-reflective technology, which obviously is a blessing. Another boon is the no-touch screen control which let’s you scroll the screen with your hand gestures.

Since we are talking about the display, allow me to mention that this Ultrabook possesses a hugely powerful Graphics Processor in the form of Intel® HD Graphics 4000. This is one of the few Ultrabooks around to have a dedicated Video Graphic RAM; therefore, particular attention is paid to the tasks involving video playbacks, and that too without hampering any of your simultaneous task load.


Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS has Intel Core i5-3317U as its core processor. The processor speed is 1.70 GHz, however, when clubbed with Intel’s proprietary Turbo Boost Technology the speed escalates up to 2.65 GHz, which makes the internals highly reliable.

Unlike other competitors, this Ultrabook has the CPU cache of 3MB. The reliability of Sony VAIO Ultrabook is further strengthened by the on-board DDR3 RAM of 4GB capacity running at a speed of 1333 MHz. The RAM capacity can be expanded up to 8 GB, which is usual these days.


Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS Internal


The operating system is 64-bit Windows 7 professional edition. In the camera department, it has a 1.3 mega pixel HD camera powered with Exmor enabling it to be used as a microphone, as well. It has a standard QWERTY keyboard with 82 keys having 1.2mm stroke and 19.05mm pitch. The track pad has multi touch gesture support.

The sound department is commanded by the popular xLOUD from Sony giving HD sound.I must say that the headphone sound is below par when compared to similar Ultrabooks of the same genre. Last but not the least; this Ultrabook has ample storage of 500 GB Serial ATA Hybrid hard drive running at 5400rpm.

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Connectivity & Other Highlights

A lot has gone into designing this ultrabook as it promises to host a wide range of connectivity options. The various inputs are DC-In, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, VGA Output, Headphone Output, HDMI, Memory Stick and the last one is secure digital.

Connectivity & Other Highlights

The line up of these connections on the Ultrabook is neat and schematic. The other connectivity options are Standard Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi WB225 supporting 802.11b/g/n and LAN adapter 1000BASE-T/100BASETX/10BASE-T.

Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS has a unique ability called as “Rapid Wake”, which enables you, to start working immediately. This Ultrabook can remain in sleep mode for days! The user can resume working within two seconds; a handy feature to have indeed.


The battery of the Ultrabook is Internal Lithium Polymer Battery (4050mAh). With default brightness, this battery can sustain up to 7 hours 30 minutes of operation.


Practically, it does last for at least 5 hours. As expected, this Ultrabook has optimized charging, which is of, a lot of help when you what things to be done in the nick of time.

Price & Availability

Sony VAIO SVT13114GXS is available with a price tag of $ 815 in the United States of America. The limited warranty term is 1 year, and it comes with international warranty by default.


The price of this Ultrabook is on the higher side, for sure. There are plenty of options which are available in the market today that comes along with better specs and configuration. One must look for this product, only if they are Sony loyalists and have a taste for fancy products.