Sony Xperia P Price & Specs

Sony launches two more Sony-only Android handsets, Sony Xperia P and Xperia U, to extend its Xperia series. Both the handsets are mid-range handsets based on Android and claim great advancement over the Xperia S. Let us have a close look at the new Xperia P in this review.

Sony Xperia P Review

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Features Of Sony Xperia P


The 4-inch Reality Display of Sony Xperia P is based on the proprietary WhiteMagic technology. As against conventional LCD screens that have 3 sub-pixels – green, blue and red, Xperia P’s display has an extra white sub-pixel. This makes the screen not only ultra bright but also more power efficient. WhiteMagic technology enables the phone to adjust the battery power according to the surrounding light.

Hence, in case of not-so-strong light the phone consumes less battery power and lasts longer. As the name itself suggests, the technology enables the display to render clear, precise and sharp output even under bright sunlight. It offers a little less (0.3 inches) screen real estate in comparison to the Xperia S. That also makes the Sony Xperia P handier. Mobile Bravia Engine, proprietary to Sony, powers the display of Sony Xperia P. It is the same technology that is found in Sony TVs.


Sony Xperia P Features

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The transparent bar at the bottom that gave a distinguished look to the Xperia S is also found in Sony Xperia P. The transparent bar alerts incoming messages and calls. The Xperia P dons the standard slab form factor. It is cased in aluminum unibody unlike the Xperia S or Xperia U. Despite the use of aluminum, Sony Xperia P is incredibly light, slim and yet sturdy.


Sony Xperia P is based on Android Gingerbread, which makes it look outdated in front of the new handsets offering Ice Cream Sandwich. However, Sony will make the ICS update available for the Xperia P very soon. The smartphone runs on dual-core 1GHz processor. Although the clock speed is lesser than that of the 1.5GHz processor of Xperia S, users would not complain of any time lag. Sony Xperia P offers smooth switching of menus.


Sony Xperia P Performance

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The Xperia P sports 8MP camera against the 12MP camera of Xperia S. Since it’s Sony, the image quality is superb. The camera can record HD videos. It also facilitates video calls through the front-facing camera.


Sony Xperia P offers HDMI connectivity to enable the users to connect to a HDTV and enjoy pictures and videos on a bigger screen. With the SmartDock peripheral, proprietary to Sony, users can attach a keyboard as well as a mouse to the Xperia P to turn it into a PC. It also supports NFC, the next level of sharing information.

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Sony Xperia P Price

The Price of Sony Xperia P is Rs.29,631.


Sony Xperia P Price

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Sony Xperia P offers all the good features of the Xperia S and further augments the maker’s Xperia series. With good screen quality, 8MP camera and other advanced features, the Sony Xperia P looks like the Android handset of the coming generations. When it will upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, it will attract even more buyers. Let us keep our fingers crossed that Sony sticks to the upgrade schedule.