Symptoms Of Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

Symptoms Of Advanced Multiple Sclerosis In the case of multiple sclerosis, the protective lining around the nerves gets destroyed. This takes place as the immune system of the human body launches an attack on its own nerve cells.

As a result of this attack, the myelin sheath around these nerves is completely destroyed and the person suffers from a chronic condition called multiple sclerosis. No cure has been discovered for this painful condition till now and doctors mostly resort to treatment that can ease the symptoms of this disease. As time passes by, the symptoms of multiple sclerosis worsen at a steady rate.

At the onset of this disease, people experience mild symptoms such as walking problems, lack of balance and headaches. But as the disease progresses, the patient can even become crippled or bedridden. If multiple sclerosis worsens at a rapid rate, it can even cause the death of the affected person.

Blindness Multiple Sclerosis Symptom

Multiple sclerosis also affects the nerves which are present in the eyes. When these nerves are damaged, the person begins to experience severe vision problems. The nerves which are responsible for sight are unable to function properly and this causes the patient to experience blurriness in their vision.

As time passes by, the person can even lose their vision completely when the nerves are completely destroyed. In some cases, the person loses sight in one eye. In more severe cases, both the eyes can also be adversely affected.

Increased Dependence Multiple Sclerosis Symptom

Multiple sclerosis is an extremely weakening condition. It affects the muscles in the body and causes the patient to suffer from paralysis. In the initial stages of multiple sclerosis, the patient might suffer from a numbing pain in certain parts of the body.

However, in the later stages of this condition, the nerves in the body become severely damaged and this causes paralysis in many cases. The hands or legs might become affected and as time goes by, the entire body might become paralysed.

Advanced Multiple Sclerosis

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Excretory Problems Multiple Sclerosis Symptom

The main reason why multiple sclerosis has a negative effect on the body is because it causes the damage of the nerves. When the nerves are destroyed, they lose their ability to communicate signals from the brain to other parts of the body. As a result of this, the body cannot function smoothly. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis often suffer from urinary incontinence as well.

This condition causes the constant leakage of urine from the bladder. This can be very aggravating and embarrassing for the patient. Another similar problem is that of uncontrollable bowel movements. The person is not able to regulate their bowel movements. This causes people to pass stools without them even being aware of it.

Memory Loss Multiple Sclerosis Symptom

As the nerves become severely damaged, the patient might experience bouts of memory loss. This is because the nerves in the brain lose their protective lining and hence they cannot function efficiently.

The patient experiences severe and frequent bouts of memory loss in the later stages of this disease. It becomes extremely difficult for such people to make decisions. Depression is another common mental disorder that is associated with multiple sclerosis.