Symptoms Of Lung Puncture

Symptoms Of Lung PunctureLung Puncture is known to occur as a result of an injury to the chest, which may be a rib facture or a knife wound. These injuries result in the accumulation of the air around the lungs. This results in the inability of the lungs to expand properly, which causes difficulties in breathing.

Listed below are some of the symptoms which are commonly associated with lung puncture. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, it is important that you immediately consult your doctor as it can result in complications that are life-threatening. The treatment of this condition will be according to the size of the part that is injured on the lung.

Sharp Pain In The Chest

A Puncture in the lung can result in sharp pain near the area which has been punctured. The pain in the chest is usually known to occur on the sides of the chest but not in the centre of the chest. The pain is known to increase if the person begins to breathe normally.

However, the chest pain can also be caused by other health conditions such as a heart attack. You must take it seriously and consult your doctor immediately in order to prevent any serious threat to your health.

Difficulty In Breathing

The ability of the lungs to expand gets deterred as a result of the accumulation of air around the lungs because of the lung puncture. This is known to result in symptoms such as shortness of breath or inability to breathe properly. Difficulties in breathing can cause the vital organs of the body to be deprived of oxygen, thereby resulting in other problems such as dizziness or headaches.

When the cells, organs and tissues of the person‘s body does not receive the oxygen required by the body for normal functioning, it can result in fatigue even when performing low intensity physical movements such as walking. It has also been observed that in some cases, a patient suffering from this condition may cough up blood in small quantities.

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Increased Heart Rate

The functioning of the heart is also affected due to the low levels of oxygen in the blood caused by a puncture in the lung. People who suffer from this condition may experience an increase in their heart rate.

An increase in the heart rate is a common symptom of this condition. When the heart rate of a person increases, the heart begins to pump more blood to the other parts of the body but is also known to result in dizziness and anxiety.

Discoloration Of Skin

As a result of an insufficient supply of oxygen to the other parts of the body, the person suffering from lung puncture may also begin to experience discoloration of the skin.

It has been observed that those who suffer from lung puncture may also experience the skin color changing to a bluish kind of color, which a condition is known as cyanosis. The skin may become cool when touched which is associated with loss of consciousness or dizziness.

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