Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis In Men

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis In Men With changing lifestyles and mindsets humans are increasingly becoming more vulnerable to infections and diseases. Trichomoniasis or Trich as it is commonly known is one of the side effects of modern lifestyle. Unprotected sex, multiple partners are major reasons why anyone stands exposed to this disease.

Statistically speaking it is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases caused by a parasite named: Trichomonas Vaginalis. This parasite attacks the urogenital tract of humans.  In women it infects cervix, urethra and vagina, while in men its urethra and penis.This species only survives in genital tract of human beings, so chances of contracting this disease through oral or anal sex is very less.

Though Trichomoniasis is curable disease but if it goes untreated or unnoticed it can create a few complications.  Females suffering from this disease stand at the higher risk of acquiring HIV, Cervical cancer etc. Premature delivery and/or low birth weight of infant has also been reported.Having understood the risk associated with Trich, it would be wiser to know what major symptoms of Trichomoniasis are.

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis In Men

In majority of cases, Trichomoniasis goes unnoticed in men. The parasite can lie dormant for years making the diagnosis difficult. But a few symptoms that might show up are:

Burning Sensation During Ejaculation

Burning Sensation During Ejaculation

As described earlier the parasite resides in urogenital tract of humans, a possible discomfort while ejaculating is possible.

Itching Of Urethra

A few cases in men have been reported, where they complained about visible trouble while ejaculating.

Discharge From Urethra

Discharge From Urethra Source:

Unusual discharge from urethra is also one of the major symptoms of having contracted this disease.

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Painful Intercourse

Due to inflammation and continuous itching, intercourse becomes painful. If you experience unexplainable pain or discomfort during sex, you might want to check yourself for this STD.

Problem In Urinating

Problem In Urinating

Due to presence of this parasite in urethra, a few men complain about pain during passing urine.  Burning sensation while urinating and frequent urination also are indicators of being infected.

Fishy Smelling Semen

If you have been experiencing foul or fishy smelling semen or your partner complaints of same you should test yourself for this STD.

Irritation Inside The Penis

Reports of Trichomoniasis causing irritation inside the penis have also been brought to notice.

These are few symptoms that may or may not show up in infected males. Often these are symptoms that can be confused with other STDs making the diagnose even more difficult. This disease can be cured through proper medication though it would highly appreciable that the infected person practices abstinence till he is fully cured. Make sure you practice hygiene before and after a sexual act. Sex with multiple partners, unknown person or without condom, could possibly infected you again.

Here, it must also be noted that though this is a curable disease, but it can possibly infect the urinary and reproductive system in men, making them impotent.

So like all other sexually transmitted diseases here too, “Prevention is the best cure”.