Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In Men

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In Men Although candida or yeast infection is more common in women, it is not entirely impossible for a male to contract the infection as well. However, unlike ladies many men become utterly confused when they start to see the signs of an impending infection. Some also mistake it for other conditions until they get it diagnosed by a doctor.

Causes Of Yeast Infection In Men

In order to clearly understand the symptoms of a yeast infection in men, it is first considered important to understand the various causes for the condition.

Eating Disorders

Intake of foods like corn, wheat, barley, wheat or peanuts that are high in starch content can trigger off a yeast infection.

corn, wheat, barley

Eating at untimely hours can also increase your risks of contracting an infection. Excess alcohol consumption is also known to be an effective contributor to recurring yeast infections.

Sexual Contamination

Sex with a partner with a yeast infection can increase your chances of getting it as well. In this case, the infection acts as a STD as it moves from one sexual partner to the other. In other cases, certain condoms containing a substance called ‘nonoxynol-9’ for increased lubrication has been known to cause yeast infection in men.

Harm Of Antibiotics

Prolonged use of antibiotics and other medications can increase your chances of contracting yeast infections as well. The extended use of antibiotics to rid your body off the bad bacteria could with time, kill the good bacteria as well, thereby making you more vulnerable to the infection.

Existing Health Related Ailments

Existing medical conditions can in certain cases cause yeast infection. For instance, diabetes is a major cause of yeast infections in individuals who suffer from the former condition.

Existing Health Related Ailments

Low immunity levels would also put you at a greater risk of attracting harmful bacteria, including the one that causes yeast infections.

Common Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In Men

Most of the symptoms of yeast infection in men are generally mistaken for other conditions. You would need to take note of the following symptoms and raise an alarm if they intensify or start occurring together.

Groin Issues

The bacteria causing the yeast infection would usually grow in and around the moist areas of the body, including the groin, genitals and underarms etc. In men, this would usually result in the infection spreading in and around the penis and the scrotum (including the foreskin on the penis and the creases of the legs near the scrotum). In certain cases, the infection would also spread to the urinary bladder, anus, armpits or the navel etc.

Groin Issues

When this happens, the individual in question would start experiencing intense pain in the region followed by redness, rashes, swelling, irritation and a burning sensation. Most men would also experience an intense burning sensation when passing urine.

Swelling And Pain

Yeast infections in men would usually cause a hard to ignore symptom called Balanitis which is associated with the abnormal swelling of the glans penis. The penile organ would also become extremely sore or tender at regular intervals. This would be more visible after urination or sex. In addition to this, the individual in question would start to notice red spots and blisters over the penis and scrotum (and the other infected areas as well).

Foul Smelling Discharge

Many women experience a foul smelling, thick, yellowish white discharge from the vagina during a yeast infection. This discharge is not restricted to women alone. In many cases of yeast infection, men have also reported noticing a creamy white discharge on the glans and foreskin.This discharge is usually accompanied by a very foul odor which is attributed to the gasses released by the infection causing bacteria when they metabolize sugar or starch.

Skin Related Issues

Skin Related Issues In addition to developing red spots and blisters all over during a yeast infection, the skin in and around the infected area can become very dry and flaky, adding to your itchy woes. Dry skin can aggravate the irritation in the infected area and cause it to spread faster.

Sudden Food Cravings

Men with yeast infections would develop a sudden craving for foods that contain excess amounts of yeast, starches or sugars. This craving is caused by the bacteria causing the infection. It would demand a regular supply of these foods to thrive and you would keep on feeding it without even realizing the same.Accordingly during this time, many men seem to develop a sudden liking for foods like chips, breads, pasta, cookies, chocolates, sweets, and beer etc. They would most probably go after any food that contains excess carbs as well.

Digestive System Related Issues

Yeast infections in men can trigger of a series of digestive and intestinal issues which when accompanied by the other symptoms mentioned above can send of warning signals.

Digestive System Related Issues

Men suffering from the infection would most probably start suffering from conditions like constipation, diarrhea or very loose stools. They would also experience frequent indigestion, intestinal gas, improper digestion or bloating etc.

Body Pain And Fatigue

Mostly mistaken for other conditions, certain neurotic symptoms in the body can also indicate an impending infection. Accordingly, the infection can cause bad breath, extreme body fatigue, muscle or joint pains, heart palpitations, athletes’ feet, prostate issues, sexual dysfunction and a low hemoglobin count etc.

Emotional Issues

In addition to the physical and more visible signs, an impending yeast infection can cause a few emotional issues as well. These when accompanied by other physical symptoms can be adjudged as warning signs of a yeast infection.Accordingly, some of the symptoms you need to look out for include frequent mood swings, irritability, and memory loss etc.

Spit Test

Although this cannot be considered as a symptom of yeast infection, it is a potential indicator of the same and can be used to make a partially successful diagnosis.

Spit Test

All you need to do is spit your phlegm into a container of water first thing in the morning. Wait for about half an hour before looking into the container. If the phlegm is still hovering over the water, you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if the phlegm dissolves completely in the water, chances are you may be having a yeast infection without even knowing it.